Why we won the Event Technology Awards for Best Payment Technology

by | Nov 12, 2021

By Kaare Bottolfsen, co-founder and CEO of TicketCo


This year’s Event Technology Awards saw TicketCo win the gongs for both Best Sales Technology and Best Pivot from Physical to Virtual. Why was that?

The Best Pivot award is probably the easiest to explain – or at least try to explain, since the jury didn’t give any statement on why it elected TicketCo as winner. The explanation, as we see it, is simply that we quickly turned around in the middle of a devastating pandemic and innovated to build a rock steady live streaming and video on demand solution on the top of our event payments platform.

A lot of our competitors did of course something similar, but we ended up with the best end result. At least, that is what we think the jury’s conclusion must have been. We did after all win the prize.

But what about the award for Best Payment Technology? Why was this prestigious accolade given to TicketCo? And what impact will it have?

The global standard for event industry payments

TicketCo’s vision is to create the global standard for event industry payments. We started out in Norway in 2013, added Sweden, Poland and United Kingdom to our outreach a few years later and are soon launching in North America. Then we will enter Germany and the Netherlands.

Parallel to our growth in outreach, our product has developed immensely from its humble start in 2013. What differs TicketCo from most of our competitors today (we would love to say ‘all of our competitors’, but since we’re not completely sure that there’s not another payment technology company hidden somewhere with our complete feature stack, we’ll leave it with ‘most’) is our perfection. We are true omnichannel. We deliver compliant POS sales, secure online sales and both sales, verification and streaming for virtual events – all within our own platform. Needless to say, this also means that we can deliver true hybrid events.

But again: why does this make us the best global payment technology available in the year 2021?

The check marks

Payments is a tricky affair in the event industry space. There are in-venue sales in bars and at food and merch stands. There are online ticket sales. There are (or at least should be) online up-selling options. Then there are box office or ticket office sales, seat maps, season card sales, subscriptions and the like. Recently the whole virtual offering has been added on top of all this, creating highly complex needs that companies such as TicketCo must cover.

TicketCo handles all of the above within the same platform, without fragmentation of any kind. We are the safest way to maximise revenue. There is your first check mark.

Then there is the marketing aspect of an organisers’ daily life. Customer data is paramount when it comes to reaching the right audience with the right offering within the right budget. With all sales gathered on the same platform, our organisers have the best set of data possible to achieve this. Check mark number two safely ticked.

Historically payment handling meant the ability to handle cash. Today there are a vast variety of payments methods available in the market and an up-to-date organiser should offer as many as possible of these for their ticket buyers. That is a costly and extremely labour demanding affair if it is to be handled by the provider. At TicketCo it is cheap and easy, thanks to our Our Collection On Behalf Of model (COBO). Our COBO model means that organisers only need to worry about one single contractual relationship when it comes to agreements with and collections from the different payments providers. The one with TicketCo. We take care of the rest.

  We also offer a pay-as-you-go financial model with no upfront costs.

  A direct integration with Zettle by Paypal, enabling compliant POS sales.

  A mobile first, smooth and easy customer journey for the ticket buyers

  An equally smooth and easy organiser app, with every key statistic available on a smart phone at any time in real time

  The ability to keep every sales channel open all the way up to the event, and even into the event as well if required

We could go on and on, but let us instead try to summarise.

Our customer promise

TicketCo is a one-stop-shop for organisers within the sports or arts and culture space, and awarded Best Payments Technology at the Event Technology Awards 2021. We are built by organisers, for organisers. We know the industry pains and for eight consecutive years we have been innovating non-stop for the purpose of making life easier for event organisers.

Our product strategy for the future is to continually innovate on smooth payment workflows.

TicketCo is event payments made easy, and your safest way to minimised work and maximised sales.

Written by TicketCo

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