Yet another top league club chooses TicketCo

by | Sep 6, 2018

The human engagement was a decisive factor when the Norwegian top league club Molde FK chose TicketCo as their new ticketing provider. With this deal TicketCo is now serving six out of 14 teams in the league.

“We took the time we needed to make the right decision. What was decisive in the end was the strong commitment we experience when it comes to how TicketCo will support us,” says CEO Oystein Neerland of Molde FK.

“Running a top league football club is not something you do from Monday to Friday. When something unforeseen happens it is normally not at a good time. Often it is related to our Saturday or Sunday matches. At those occasions it is vital for us to get hold of our suppliers, and that they deal with the situation right away. We are certain that TicketCo will do just that,” he adds.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Molde FK is amongst the the very best clubs in Norway. They have dedicated supporters and a top quality stadium with a capacity of 12,000, which is highly impressive considering that the city of Molde only has a population of 17,000. Their manager is Manchester United-legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“We are selling out each time there are local derbies against Kristiansund, Aalesund or Rosenborg. For the rest of the matches there are lots of free seats. What is impressive though, is that we have 6,000 season ticket holders each year,” says Mr Neerland.

That means that one out of three citizens in Molde is a season ticket holder, which places the club in the very top in Europe when it comes to local outreach.

“This has a huge positive impact on our economy and our cash flow,” says the club CEO.

Filling the empty seats

The desire to fill more empty seats was of great importance when Molde FK recently decided to change ticketing supplier. They have now signed up for six years with TicketCo, starting from January 2019.

“Through TicketCo we will have easier access to our supporters, and we are able to bundle matches and run special campaigns with great ease. The threshold to implement effective market activities will be lower, and we are both hoping and believing that this will help us to sell more,” says Mr Neerland.

How to sell more tickets is often discussed when Molde FK meets the other Norwegian top league clubs to exchange ideas and experiences.

Impressed by TicketCo’s human engagement

“TicketCo is highly appreciated by the five top league clubs who are using them today, and this was how it all started for us. Then we took a closer look at their product ourselves, and we sure did like what we saw,” says the Molde FK CEO.

“Besides that, we were really impressed by their human engagement. No matter how solid a sales tool seems, there will always occur unforeseen incidents when there will be need for support. In these situations it is vital for us that the support is available right away, regardless of what time it is. In this context TicketCo have made a very good impression,” he adds.

Will make a difference

Through TicketCo Mr Neerland is hoping that Molde FK will improve their share of single match tickets.

“Today approximately 75 percent of our ticket sales is season tickets. This is great, but we are aiming to increase our match day sales. There are normally 3 to 4,000 cold seats at each match, and making this number lower has top priority in our organisation for the next season. Here TicketCo will make a difference,” concludes Oystein Neerland.

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