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Pre-sell more and drive up your revenue by bundling your tickets with goods

TicketCo helps you with every aspect.

We greatly exceeded with more than 1,000 digial tickets sold. On top of that the artist achieved further revenue by up-selling their songbook through the TicketCo platform.”

– Stefan Jansen, Managing director

You don’t need more than one sales system

Many organisers sell more than just tickets and through TicketCo, you can offer both products and services linked to each ticket purchase. This can be anything from food, drinks, merchandise, travel or services.

Additional sales of this kind are directly linked to the customer ID generated at ticket purchase, which will greater predictability for the organiser and at the same time as it will increase your turnover.


  • Incentivise – Add a discounted welcome drink from the bar in a ticket bundle
  • Bundle – Offer a concert ticket bundle with parking or hotel stay
  • Up-sell – Up-sell merchandise in the check out based on ticket types


Articles, white papers, webinars and articles of tips on events sales, marketing, management and more.

Success stories

Inspiring stories of event organisers using tech to amplify success and results.

Sit back and relax

Sell easy

One system that manages tickets, products, merchants and departments.

Be in control

A self-serviced platform that lets you be in control of all sales in real-time.

Instant reporting

End-to-end sales reporting in real-time on your screen and downloadable reports.

Automatic payments

Automatically wired cash-flow to each merchant.

Easy accounting

TicketCo handles everything – no need for separate payments or agreements.

No hidden costs

There are no extra card processing fees. No hidden costs. No monthly fees. No licenses.

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Reduce queues and increase revenue with cashless

Discover TicketCo Cashless

Want to reduce queues and increase revenue even more by going cashless? TicketCo offers a unique cashless solution that does not require RFID or other other separate systems.


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