Simple, quick and secure entry

One app for all

The QR codes on the tickets can be easily be scanned with the organiser app. The only thing your staff need is something as simple as a smartphone or tablet.

Ticket data

Retrieve name, advance purchases and info about the ticket buyer at entry. This enables you to provide a personalised greeting and also combat touts.


At big stadiums and arenas, physical entry control in the form of turnstiles is often used. TicketCo fully integrates with access systems such as Fortress and Skidata.

Also offline

Your whole event database downloads to the TicketCo app on your device every 10 seconds. You can therefore carry on as usual even if you go offline.

Four ways to verify tickets

QR code

Tickets and goods purchased via TicketCo all include a unique QR code.

Reference number

A unique five-digit reference number, present on all tickets, can be used for verification.


The ticket buyer can be verified by the name that the ticket is registered to.


Group bookings are easily checked in in with one swipe to speed up entry.

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