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Entry & verification

Fast, easy and incredibly stable

Simple, quick and secure entry

TicketCo’s free organiser app

Unique QR codes are included in all of our tickets. They can be easily scanned using our free organiser app. This solution eliminates the need for costly scanning equipment and enables efficient entry checks using something as simple as a smartphone or tablet. The default capacity is an impressive 100,000 transactions per event, however if your events require more we arrange this.

The TicketCo organiser app for iOS and Android:


Verification features

Four different ways the audience can verify tickets

Giving a range of secure options.

QR code

Tickets and goods purchased via TicketCo all include a unique QR code. QR codes mean that tickets can be easily and securely scanned using our free organiser app. Tickets with QR codes are distributed to ticket buyers digitally by default via SMS, email and can be stored in mobile wallets and printed at home. For events where printed tickets are required, offer are economy, premium and premium with profile.

Reference number

All tickets and goods purchased via TicketCo have a unique five-digit reference number, which can be used for verification. If someone does not have a smart phone or is unable to print their ticket, they can state their reference number at the entrance.


All advance sales made via TicketCo are linked to a name. The ticket buyer can thereby be admitted to the event by stating the name that the ticket is registered to. If someone has left their mobile and ticket at home, they can therefore be allowed a hassle free entry.


Group bookings are easily checked in in with one swipe to speed up entry. Removing the need for every individual to find their booking and gets scanned creates a better experience for the audience and shorter queues for the event.

Retrieves name, advance purchases and info about the ticket buyer at the entrance

Be armed with insights about the buyer straight on your screen. This enables you to provide a personalised greeting and also combat touts:

  • Greet the visitor by name
  • You can ask for ID and verify if the name matches the booking
  • View the pre-purchased merchandise items and give directions to where the shop can be found
  • At conferences, view what speakers the visitor has registered to and hand over the flyers for those specific talks
  • At theatres, view which seat has been booked and give directions
  • View the result from the questions module straight on the screen

Turnstile compatibility

TicketCo supports Fortress & Skidata

At big stadiums and arenas, physical entry control in the form of turnstiles is often used. TicketCo can fully integrate with access systems such as Fortress and Skidata.

Recovery features

Scanner offline functionality

We have designed TicketCo to give you 100% confidence that your event will go smoothly without any technical glitches.

Our services are stored in the cloud and is accessed via internet and mobile networks. If you would lose connection to internet on the device you use for verifying tickets and purchases that’s no issue at all. We have enabled a mechanism that downloads your whole event database to the TicketCo app on your device every 10 seconds. You can therefore carry on as usual even if you go offline.

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