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Live Chat for live events: a powerful combination

Integrating a live chat tool alongside your video content is a powerful strategy for professional broadcasters. Live Chat enables direct engagement with your audience as well as allowing your viewers to interact with each other in real-time. There are many benefits with live chat for your digital event:

  • Respond to questions and comments
  • Facilitate a two-way dialogue
  • Hold live video Q&As
  • Viewers feel part of a community
  • Gather feedback

This can be very valuable when refining strategies. Paired with quantitative analytics data about clicks and viewers, this real feedback can be a powerful resource. This is the qualitative data that helps flesh out the understandings that number-based analytics can’t give you.

Finding new and relevant audience

Customers who buy tickets and goods using our services are automatically added to your database for remarketing. With your customer data at your fingertips in real-time you can also find new audiences online with similar traits by building lookalikes from your existing lists and reach them through advertising via social media, display and paid search.

We would ask members of the audience for input throughout the broadcast. That live interactive element was so important for us and the audience, I honestly believe it is one of the reasons why people were willing to pay for it. We were even able to produce an activity pack programme for the performance too.

– Toby Michell,  co-founder of Tall Stories

Frequently asked questions about TicketCo’s Live Chat

On what devices does TicketCo’s Live Chat work?

It works both on the web-version as well as the TV-app. For the viewers, the Live Chat is only visible once the stream has started, it is not visible in the waiting room leading up to the start of the stream.

Is the chat covering the screen of the performance for the viewer?

No it doesn’t. It can also be minimised and hidden in a corner if you don’t want to see it.

Is there a profanity filter?

Yes, the Live Chat comes with a predefined profanity filter to remove harmful & disturbing messages to protect your stream and audience.

Is it possible to moderate the chat?

Yes, you as an organiser have the possibility to moderate the chat through the TicketCo platform where you can remove individual messages. As a moderator you can also download the chat log after the event is finished.

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