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We provide a full stack of technology and platform for event payments, sales, marketing, distribution, access control and management for the event industry. TicketCo’s platform ensures a friction-less customer journey within a well tested sales platform created with safety, user friendliness and simplicity as three major objectives. The wealth of data makes you understand your customers better, share this across all your departments and act on it easily using intuitive tools.



A self-service platform that you can access from anywhere and at anytime.

Set up events easy

Easy-to-use editor

Creating the event page is incredibly easy! We usually say that if you have ever used a program such as Microsoft Word, you are already on your way to master TicketCo. You can add items such as:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Logo
  • Videos
  • Tables
  • Map location

Event duplication feature

We know that not many ticketing suppliers don’t offer a way to duplicate events without being a premium price attached to it, so we have made this feature available for everyone.

Duplicating events is very useful when you run multiple events, such as:

  • You run the same event in several cities – duplicate the event for every city and change location, date and time.
  • The event was very successful and you’d like to run it again as is – just duplicate and change the date
  • You would like to use the same ticketing types for an entirely new event – duplicate and change event info, location, date and potentially prices.

A cloud solution

TicketCo is a cloud solution. This means everything is stored and manage through a digital cloud, which makes our system accessible via internet from anywhere, from any device.

There are many benefits from this:

  • There is no need of downloading and installing a clumsy program on your computer to manage your event.
  • When you have access to internet, from any device, you can log into your events at TicketCo. Just like logging into a social platform, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Being a cloud solution means that our system is very robust and can handle very large events with hundreds of thousands of transactions without any downtime.
  • Cloud managed business also means incredible speed – manage events and making transactions and all other activities through our system is incredibly smooth, just like what people expect in today’s digital age.
  • Cloud solutions also means less hardware and physical hardware needs – which in turn makes it possible for us to give you the very best prices.

The TicketCo Organiser app

The app is designed to do the following:

  • Verify tickets & goods through scanning
  • Carry out sales by connecting it to a point of sale
  • View real-time data of your events

The app is entirely free to download and use. This also means you can add an unlimited number of people to help you sell tickets, verify tickets at the door, report and analyse sales and so much more – at no additional cost.

The app can be downloaded from here:

Real-time event, product and price management

You are in full control of your event and there’s no need to make requests and wait for TicketCo for any amendments of event details, such as pricing, ticket types or capacity.

All under one hood

It’s all integrated, making accounting made easy

This means that you as an organiser sell tickets and goods first online with online payments, and then also on-site by taking card payments. You only have one sales system to administer, all data are included in one report and you only need to enter one settlement in your accounts. This absolute integration is unique in the market. With us, pre-event sales online or by mobile phone and sales at the door using an integrated payment card terminal are all merged, so that you avoid having to administer several parallel systems.

Success stories

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Wise Children on why they chose TicketCo

Wise Children on why they chose TicketCo

“The clever thing TicketCo have done is they’ve combined streaming with box office in a way that nobody else yet has, and it’s really what sets them apart”.This bold statement by Wise Children’s Technical Director Simon Baker is just one out of many great value...

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