Integrating online and in-house ticket sales

Mobile box office

Sell the tickets on-site and take card payments by linking the point of sale’s to an iOS device installed with the TicketCo Organiser app and you’re good to go.

Capacity on point

Both online and on-site bookings are integrated, which means processing face-to-face bookings against the same allocation, ensuring that overbooking is impossible.

Self service

You self-manage your event in real-time and on-the-go by adjusting ticket allocations based on demand, amend pricing, adding new ticket types, create promotions etc.

All sales in one app


The TicketCo app integrates with a range of point-of-sales and card readers, enabling you to sell tickets and goods from any physical location.


The pre-sold goods the audience is carrying with their ticket can easily be collected from merchants with the help of the TicketCo app.

Cash payments

Staff register cash through the app, enabling you to account for all sales and knowing exactly how much cash each staff has handled.

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