event promotion features

Promotional features that let you reach more people and make smarter use of your marketing budget.

Getting online

Selling your products in multiple places should be as simple as selling in one. By offering sales widgets, also called iFrame’s, we make this happen.

Your website

Integrate your sales of tickets and goods anywhere on your website.

Facebook Page

Integrate a sales widget to let audience purchase straight from your fan page.

Via affiliates

Pass on the sales widget to affiliates to sell in their their channels.

Event URL

Sell via a unique event URL that can easily be shared virally on social media feeds.

Promotional marketing

Smart tools to encourage & incentivise ticket sales and support your marketing plan end-to-end.

Early bird offers

Sell gift cards before and after for your event that can be used on everything that you are selling.

Discount codes

Offer discount promotion codes to boost sales or set up automatic discounting rules.

Gift cards

Sell gift cards before and after for your event that can be used on everything that you are selling.

Multibuy cards

A multibuy card allows customers to redeem individual tickets across multiple events within a certain time frame.


Pre-sell more and drive up your revenue by bundling your tickets with goods. This can be anything from food, drinks, merchandise, travel or services. Additional sales of this kind are directly linked to the customer ID generated at ticket purchase, which will greater predictability for the organiser and at the same time as it will increase your turnover.

Email campaigns & surveys

Send promotional newsletter campaigns to your audience with the MailChimp integration, or collect feedback about your event by using surveys. You can automatically create email lists of your ticket buyers that can be used for newsletters, surveys and similar.

Finding new and relevant audience

Customers who buy tickets and goods using our services are automatically added to your database for remarketing. With your customer data at your fingertips in real-time you can also find new audiences online with similar traits by building lookalikes from your existing lists and reach them through advertising via social media, display and paid search.

Integrations with Facebook

Making your event tickets and goods integrated with your fan page, and measure campaign results with Facebook Pixel.

Sell tickets

Adding a “Buy tickets” tab – letting the audience purchase tickets with one click.

Sell goods

Sell goods, such as F&B and merchandise, from the “Shop” section of your fan page.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate your Facebook Pixel with TicketCo and track advertising results.

Track marketing results

Know if your marketing efforts pay off against the investments you’ve made with real-time data.

Tracking links

With TicketCo’s tracking links you can measure sales conversions, revenue and ROI from anywhere.

Affiliate management

With tracking links each affiliate has it’s individual tracking of sales and revenue.

Google Ads pixel

Measure your event sales results from Google paid search, YouTube video, Google display and GMail campaigns.

Affiliate management

It’s easy to manage affiliates and online promoters with TicketCo. With tracking links each affiliate has it’s individual tracking of sales and revenue.

Push notifications

Push notifications have become one of the most successful strategies for capturing and keeping event goers attention. Push notifications present a great way to keep attendees in the know with the most up-to-date information and can even help to generate revenue.

Sponsor messaging

Make sponsor messaging a part of the sponsorship package.

Shout out a limited promotion

Make strategic decisions to increase sales and keeping the margins high with push notifications.

Announce the next artists/speakers

Let the audience know what’s happening next.

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