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With TicketCo you create more sales opportunities, make your marketing more effective and introduce an incredibly smooth customer journey that your audience will love


The ticketing solution for festivals serves not only to maximise sales and profits for the organiser but also to provide the visitors with an enjoyable experience. The TicketCo solution facilitates all you need for a frictionless festival experience for a high number of visitors. Below, we explain how TicketCo can create added value for your festival:

Ticketing on all platforms and in all channels

Once the festival event has been created on the TicketCo platform it automatically integrates with your social media, home pages, blogs and anywhere else you want. We enable this through using iFrames which is easy to implement and even easier to track its customer data. You don’t have to send your traffic to external ticketing sites — your data is yours to keep.

Integrated instant cashless — no wristbands needed

With TicketCo you have an integrated cashless solution that doesn’t require wristbands or any other bits. When buying a ticket the ticket buyer gets a customer ID, which is filled up with ‘TicketCoins’ (money) and is presented as a QR-code either on the phone, or on paper.

Live reports before, during and after the event

With live reporting you know your audience from the moment they go online to buy the ticket before the festival starts to the moment the last drink has been purchased at the end of the festival. The real time reporting data enables you to send push notifications to the whole audience with promotions to make the most of your festival sales.

Fast track payments

With TicketCo the audience can enjoy fast track payments where they can store their credit card just once in TicketCo and purchase with one click throughout the festival. There is no need for top up stations!

Bundling and upselling

You have the possibility to bundle the festival tickets with merchandise, food & beverage, transportation, hotel stay and anything else you can sell before the event. The audience can then collect the items easily with their m-ticket or printed ticket and enjoy shorter queues.

No investments up front

There’s no need for expensive hardware with TicketCo. We democratise technology using smartphones and tablets only and we also give away free card readers to festival organisers.

Minimal accounting hassle

With TicketCo you manage 100% of your sales in one platform. This gives you one holistic sales reports and one final settlement, saving you plenty of time and accounting costs.

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