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With TicketCo you create more sales opportunities, make your marketing more effective and introduce an incredibly smooth customer journey that your audience will love


TicketCo gives you the market’s most complete solution — as it enables you to sell more for your show and gives an overall experience that will impress your fans from the moment they go online to buy a ticket for your gig. It is also a self-service system which is user-friendly for both you as the event organiser and for your audience. These are common challenges we love meeting when we talk to organisers of live music gigs:

Before the event:

  • The user-friendly event page editor lets you design your event landing page exactly the way you want, including video and image creative.
  • Do you have many followers in your social media channels? Let the audience also purchase directly from your social media channels and web pages through our in-built integrations.
  • With TicketCo you don’t have to send your traffic to ticketing agents. Your customer data is easily accessible and helps you take wise decisions in both marketing and sales.
  • TicketCo integrates with iZettle card readers where every sale will be wired to your bank account. Start taking contactless payments by the door and impress the fans. The iZettle Reader accepts card and contactless payments 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market. You will receive the first iZettle from TicketCo for free!
  • You can arrange pop up sales with our portable box office solution. Use as many iZettle’s as you like and sell from anywhere.
  • 360 degree ticket distribution — with TicketCo you can offer digital tickets, including mobile and Apple Wallet, without any printing and no touting risked. You also have the option of printed tickets with several verification options for hassle free entry, including QR-code, reference number and stating the name.
  • TicketCo is an award winning self-service solution, which means you can set up your event as fast as you like, be in control of tickets, products and pricing and make changes on-the-go.

During the event:

  • The app is compatible with any smartphone and it’s free. The app handles your box office sales, the scanning and provides a live overview of how many people have entered the venue of the show.
  • You can arrange secret links for guest lists and VIP tickets as well as promocodes for partners
  • You can’t attend the show you are organising? You can still be in control, since TicketCo is a cloud solution you can monitor your whole event from anywhere.
  • TicketCo is the all-in-one event sales solution that lets your guests have all their purchases on a single QR code. Simply set up a click and collect booth for everything you are selling and know in advance how much you have sold.
  • All cash flow on the card reader in the door goes via TicketCo and to you. No more invoicing the venues for door sales.

After the event:

  • Build audience lists for your email marketing, based on their purchase data.
  • You have full access to your customer data. Easily integrate your purchase data with your marketing and CRM tools by using Zapier or API integration.
  • Optimise your marketing initiatives for your next event by using tracking links to measure which campaigns work and which don’t.
  • You will have all your sales for your whole show in one report and in one payment, which makes accounting extremely easy and saving tonnes of hours and money.
  • Give tailored access to all your stakeholders, for example your accountant, your security staff and your marketing team for them to collect the information they need. With TicketCo you minimise the need for manual reporting.


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