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Why choose TicketCo?

Create more sales opportunities, make your marketing more effective and introduce an incredibly smooth customer journey

TicketCo gives you the market’s most complete solution — as it enables you to sell more, faster and more efficient for your event and gives an overall experience that will impress your audience from the moment they go online to buy a ticket. It is also a self-service system which is user-friendly for both you as the event organiser and for your audience.

Reducing queues at the entrance is also at the heart of our technology. With a lightning fast scanning technology our app enables quicker entry with special features that gets large groups verified with only one tap. In addition, the only devices required are regular smartphones and tablets, making staff allocation and queue handling a bliss.

Live events of all sizes are already using the TicketCo solution to power their sales, cutting costs and giving the audience a smooth experience.

OTT live streaming solution for live events

Discover our broadcast-grade cloud-based OTT platform that comes with HD quality live streaming as you can sell both physical and live streaming tickets to your audience on the same platform, powered by TicketCo Media Services

Creates added value for live events of all sizes

Taking the sales for live events to the next level

Ticketing on all platforms and in all channels

Integrating tickets sales with social media, websites, affiliates, and anywhere else you want with trackable results.

Lightning fast buying

We offer a smooth purchase experience for the ticket buyer through speedy check-out, no hidden and discouraging fees, no need for user-names or passwords, a well renowned payment processor (Adyen) and instant ticket distribution.

Seamless box office integration

TicketCo integrates with a range of card readers where every sale will be wired to your bank account. Start taking contactless payments at the door and impress the fans!

Bundling and upselling

Drive up advanced sales by bundling the festival tickets with merchandise, food & beverage, transportation, hotel stay and anything else you can pre-sell before the event. The audience collects the items easily with their m-ticket or printed ticket and can enjoy shorter queues.

360° ticket distribution

With TicketCo you can offer digital tickets, including mobile and Apple Wallet, without any printing and no touting risked. You also have the option of printed tickets with several verification options for hassle free entry, including QR-code, reference number and stating the name.

Live reports before, during and after the event

Know your audience from the moment they go online to buy the ticket before the event starts to the moment the last drink has been purchased at the end of the show. Real time reporting gives you the insight when to send push notifications to the whole audience with promotions to make the most of your event sales.

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Survey reveals huge interest in live streaming

Survey reveals huge interest in live streaming

43% of the organisers across Norway, Sweden and UK are considering live streaming in the future, while 54% may consider hybrid events with a combination of virtual and physical tickets. “This reveals a sincere wish across the event industry to search for and utilise...

Hybrid events new normal for live shows

Hybrid events new normal for live shows

“Giving venues, artists and event organisers the power through technology to get out there and start bringing in revenue again - that is really what the whole TicketCo Media Services platform is built on,” said TicketCo Media Services Key Account Manager Paul Carey...

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Get to know our versatile solution

TicketCo is designed to provide you with a 360° sales tool for your festival. From online ticketing, integrated box-office with POS, e-Commerce sales for products and goods and turning your festival entirely Cashless – with TicketCo you have a festival payment solution that your audience will love and helps you reach your goals.

Sell tickets online

General admission, concessions, group tickets, early bird offers, promotions and guest lists. With integrated email marketing tools and easy implementation of sales on websites and social media you are fully equipped to maximise all your event sales online from start to finish.

Integrated box office solution with speedy access control

Take fast card payments at the entrance with our seamless POS integration connected to our app. The app also manages your access control with lightning fast scanning and multi-check-in with one swipe for groups.

Bundle merch & F&B with tickets

Drive more revenue by encouraging advanced sales. Bundle tickets, and up-sell in the check-out, with anything you sell on-site, such as merchandise, food and drinks, and offer it all in the same purchasing process.

Cashless events

TicketCo Cashless ticketing with integrated cashless – a unique all-in-one solution with your ticketing & sale of goods at the event.

Everything you need

TicketCo provides everything you need to manage event sales and deliver a smooth and effective customer experience

– Unlimited ticket types

– Manage early bird promotions and guest lists

– Bundle and up-sell drinks, merchandise & services


Discover more

– Easily implement your tickets and sales items on your website

– Manage affiliate sales and track results

– Integrate with your Facebook fan page & track campaign results

– Promo codes, discounting and gift cards to drive more sales

– Tracking links helps you track results and ROI on any marketing effort


Discover more

– A range of digital ticket types that reaches your audience instantly

– Ticket printing options: Economy, Premium & Premium with profile


Discover more

– Fully responsive sales on any device

– Speedy checkout with one click payments


Discover more

– Integrating online and in-house ticket sales – never exceed capacity

– High-performing & portable point of sales

– Accept all major credit cards, as well as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay


Discover more

– Simple, quick and secure entry with free app

– Manage access control with something as simple as a smartphone or tablet

– Verify tickets with QR code, reference number or name

– Check in large group bookings with only one swipe

– Scanner offline functionality


Discover more

– Gain sales data in real-time of your whole event from one reporting dashboard

– Segmenting online and on-site sales

– Golden insights: Audience arrival data, best selling products & merchants

– Financial control: Cash flow status, pay out status and share reports externally

– Share reports externally from the platform


Discover more

– Set up events easily with design editor and duplication features

– No costly hardware needed, our free app makes you sell, verify tickets and analyse results

– Cloud based – manage your event from anywhere

– Manage your ticket sales and all your merchant sales from one place

– Accounting made easy, you only need to enter one settlement in your accounts


Discover more

– Thrive in your GDPR friendly audience data

– Send promotional newsletter campaigns to your audience, or collect feedback about your event by using surveys.

– Collect the data you need from your audience with question modules


Discover more

– Plug in your sales data with 1000+ business systems

– API integration

– Turnstile compatibility


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TicketCo has years of experience in the event industry


Active event organisers

Trusted by event organisers in a range of different sectors


Events we’ve helped

Since 2013, we have successfully helped over 50,000 events


Sold tickets and items

The platform has sold over 7 million items since start


Transaction revenue

We've processed a transaction volume of over 145 million pounds


Active event organisers

Trusted by event organisers in a range of different sectors



Events we’ve helped

Since 2013, we have successfully helped over 50,000 events




Sold tickets and items

The platform has sold over 7 million items since start


£145m +


Transaction revenue

We've processed a transaction volume of over 145 million pounds


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