During the quadrennial TicketCo has been in business in Norway, the company has
successfully provided sales and ticketing technology for more than 26,000 events,
generating millions of transactions with a value of more than 70 million pounds.

TicketCo is now expanding into the UK and the global market, convinced the company can raise standards for consumers and organisers in the event industry.

March 22, 2018

FINTECH VANTAGE: TICKETCO – Creating the new global standard for event payments

March 20, 2018

TicketCo introduces a new standard for cashless payments to the UK

Event Industry News

March 15, 2018

TicketCo launches in the UK for event organisers

Stand Out Magazine

March 15, 2018

Norway’s TicketCo launches in the UK

IQ Magazine

January 10, 2018

Kenny appointed UK manager at TicketCo

Ticketing Business News

January 10, 2018

TicketCo: New kids in town

Access All Areas

January 8, 2018

Ticketing is dead

Access All Areas

January 4, 2018

TicketCo raises more money, adds Roy Andre Tollefsen on the team

Nordic 9

September 28, 2017

TicketCo receives Entrepreneurship Award

OPP Innovation Week

May 25, 2017

TicketCo raises NOK 13M for its event management solution, opens up a London subsidiary

Nordic 9 — Scandinavia-focused data platform

January 13, 2017

TicketCo targets UK after Euro Award success

Ticketing Business News

September 06, 2017

TicketCo announces UK launch event

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