An end-to-end event sales solution

With a pioneering technology we offer an all-in-one solution for events & venues to sell more, faster and easier whilst successfully master access control without the need for costly hardware, licenses and equipment.

Minimising work and maximising sales.

TicketCo Cashless – one of a kind mobile first cashless technology

Only one platform for all event sales.

With a pioneering technology we offer an all-in-one solution for events & venues to sell more, faster and easier whilst successfully master access control without the need for costly hardware, licenses and equipment.

TicketCo is designed to provide you with a 360° sales tool for your event business. From online ticketingintegrated box-office with POSe-Commerce sales for products and goods and turning your events entirely Cashless  – with TicketCo you have one event payment solution for life that helps you reach your goals and create new opportunities.

TicketCo is simple to implement, cloud-based and designed as a user-friendly self-service platform. Thousands of festivals, sports clubs and events are already using TicketCo to power their events end-to-end.


Articles, white papers, webinars and articles of tips on events sales, marketing, management and more.

Success stories

Inspiring stories of event organisers using tech to amplify success and results.

Selling tickets online

We make it easier for you as event organiser to sell tickets online than ever before.

Simultaneous ticketing

TicketCo’s Omnichannel Ticketing lets you sell tickets online & also on the door with a seamless card reader integration.

More than ticketing

Let the audience buy tickets, merchandise, food, drinks, vouchers and more, all as a part of the same purchasing process.

Let’s go Cashless

TicketCo Cashless is ticketing with integrated cashless – a unique all-in-one solution with your ticketing & sale of goods.

Platform features

The TicketCo product is built on a powerful platform with features you need to easily manage sales and deliver a smooth and effective customer experience.

– Unlimited ticket types

– Allocated seating for stadiums & arenas

– Time slot bookings for activity venues

– Season tickets & festival passes

– Bundle and up-sell goods & services


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– Easily implement your tickets and sales items on your website

– Integrate with your Facebook fan page & track campaign results

– Promo codes, discounting and gift cards to drive more sales

– Tracking links helps you track results and ROI on any marketing effort


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– A range of digital ticket types that reaches your audience instantly

– Ticket printing options: Economy, Premium & Premium with profile


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– Fully responsive sales on any device

– Speedy checkout with one click payments


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– Integrating online and in-house ticket sales – never exceed capacity

– High-performing & portable point of sales

– Accept all major credit cards, as well as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay


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– Simple, quick and secure entry with free app

– Manage access control with something as simple as a smartphone or tablet

– Verify tickets with QR code, reference number or name – Check in large group bookings with only one swipe

– Turnstile compatibility

– Scanner offline functionality

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– Gain sales data in real-time of your whole event from one reporting dashboard

– Segmenting online and on-site sales

– Golden insights: Audience arrival data, best selling products & merchants

– Financial control: Cash flow status, pay out status and share reports externally

– Share reports externally from the platform


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– Set up events easily with design editor and duplication features

– No costly hardware needed, our free app makes you sell, verify tickets and analyse results

– Cloud based – manage your event from anywhere

– Manage your ticket sales and all your merchant sales from one place

– Accounting made easy, you only need to enter one settlement in your accounts


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– Thrive in your GDPR friendly audience data

– Send promotional newsletter campaigns to your audience, or collect feedback about your event by using surveys.

– Collect the data you need from your audience with question modules


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– Plug in your sales data with 1000+ business systems

– Turnstile compatibility

– API integration


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