Hybrid Events Platform


 The world’s only fully integrated hybrid event platform

Enjoy a hybrid events platform like no other:


Smooth and unified customer journey


Unified marketing activities with one single CTA target


Easier reporting and settlements with one unified report


Great up-selling possibilities throughout the whole customer journey

One event, two experiences.

Being the only provider of a fully integrated hybrid ticketing solution in today’s market, this solution is unique. When we built our cutting edge streaming and video-on-demand solution on the top of our highly efficient self service payments platform, we made history without being fully aware of it ourselves.

TicketCo is the only available service globally that can handle pay-per-view streaming, virtual ticket sales, and physical ticket sales within one single platform and without fragmentation.

Audience will pay for digital content

Major event industry research reveals ticket buyers’ appetite to pay for online content.

Why hybrid events are the next big thing: Webinar

A masterclass conversation on the subject of hybrid events by award-winning sound and video designer Simon Baker and experienced and creative UK TV and radio presenter Steve Hargrave.

“Hybrid events offer real potential for increasing access to live arts. There are a whole range of barriers to attending – cost, distance, disabilities which aren’t catered for (well) by venues, and many more – which the addition of well integrated digital components to live programme could be hugely significant in overcoming.”

Poppy Keeling, Executive Producer Wise Children

Hybrid event benefits

The combination of streaming, virtual ticket sales and physical ticket sales are suitable for any event organiser with dedicated follower base – large or small.

Hybrid events enables a far better service towards loyal audience worldwide compared to physical tickets alone.

Hybrid events will please your audience and boost the revenue. No up-front investments, a pay-as-you-go price plan, and the market’s smoothest payments platform with ticket sales, Full HD quality pay-per-view streaming, and up-selling options all within the same platform.

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2022 – the year hybrid events become sustainable

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Hybrid has changed how theatre audiences engage forever

Hybrid has changed how theatre audiences engage forever

Does theatre work in a virtual or hybrid format? It sure does! Along with Artistic Director Emma Rice and the rest of the touring theatre company Wise Children, award-winning Technical Director and Digital Producer Simon Baker has proved the vibrant presence of live...

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