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Give your viewers the best experience possible with our advanced live streaming platform.

Event organisers choose TicketCo to stream:


Theatre plays


Performance shows


Sports matches




Live concerts




Stand-up shows


Virtual conferences

Taking your live stream to the next level

The foundation of our streaming service is TicketCo – a unified cloud-based platform for efficient event payments. The platform has hosted ten-thousands of events and processed millions of transactions, where TicketCo is the paywall, authentication wall and payout mechanism within TicketCo.

Integrated into this is a live streaming and a video on demand feature built on broadcasting grade technology from Amazon Web Services. When you live stream or upload your content into TicketCo’s Media Services the content is encoded and made available on a CDN to support potentially millions of viewers.

We support Geo restrictions and DRM to safeguard that you are on top of your copyright and licensing issues.

How to step up your virtual ticket sales

TicketCo’s sales features to increased sales, giving the ticket buyers a superb flexibility in regards to when they want to attend your digital events.

Hardware and software considerations for a live stream event production

Learn from Simon Baker, award winner for his resourceful and inspirational approach to live broadcasting theatre productions.

Reliable, high-quality streaming for your viewers everywhere

Live streams or video on demand can be viewed in full HD quality* on any device that your viewer opts to use. The viewer can use our Apple TV, Android TV or Fire TV app. Chromecast** is also supported if your viewer is using a laptop or mobile phone. Viewers joining through their laptop or mobile phone do not need to install anything. Viewing live streams or video on demand through a web browser is based on Video JS and is HTML5 compatible.

*Provided you broadcast your live events in this quality
**We support generation 2 (2015) and newer Chromecast devices

Viewer quality techniques

Our guide on how your online broadcast achieves first-class technical levels for your viewers.

5 things to consider before streaming your event

New to streaming? We’ve interviewed the seasoned champions that once started from a blank page too, letting us in on the best tips and tricks for fellow streamers.

Live streaming with TicketCo is easy.

  1. Create an event in the TicketCo platform
  2. Decide the price for your live stream
  3. Select what countries to allow viewing from
  4. Broadcast from your location into the TicketCo Media Services (through a RTMP compatible software)

Get inspired

Gabriel Byrne is Walking with Ghosts

Gabriel Byrne is Walking with Ghosts

Photo: Ros KavanaghFrom 26 February until 4 March this year TicketCo Media Services will be hosting somewhat of a sensation: Gabriel Byrne’s Walking with Ghosts, recorded live at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin earlier this month. You should NOT miss out. Walking with...

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