Event video-on-demand solution


Make more money from your live streams by selling videos directly to your fans with Video-on-demand (VOD).

Get the powerful tools and support you need:


Country restrictions to control licensing


Digital Rights Management (DRM) for improved security


Branded shopper journey


Localised payment methods

We handle the tech, you focus on the content.

Live streaming is one of two core parts of our streaming service. The second part is the video on demand component for the TicketCo Media Services product.

After live streaming an event with TicketCo, the event organiser uploads the video content into the streaming service and sell the content to viewers. A typical use case scenario is that a event organiser runs a live stream, records it and continues the monetisation of the digital content after the initial live stream. This is achieved by uploading the recorded live-stream to TicketCo and sell pay per view tickets. In effect you can monetise your digital content twice.

5 things to consider before streaming your event

New to streaming? We’ve interviewed the seasoned champions that once started from a blank page too, letting us in on the best tips and tricks for fellow streamers.

How to step up your virtual ticket sales

TicketCo’s sales features to increased sales, giving the ticket buyers a superb flexibility in regards to when they want to attend your digital events.

Video on demand with TicketCo is easy.

  1. After your live stream, upload your video content into TicketCo Media Services
  2. Select what countries to allow viewing from
  3. Create an event in the TicketCo platform
  4. Decide the price on your content

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2022 – the year hybrid events become sustainable

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Ticketing swap shop launched to ease events crisis

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