TicketCo is designed to provide you with a 360° sales tool for your festival. From virtual events, integrated box-office with POS, e-Commerce sales for products and goods and turning your festival entirely Cashless – with TicketCo you have a festival payment solution that your audience will love and helps you reach your goals.

e-Commerce services for festivals

  • Ticketing
  • Integrated box office
  • Speedy access control
  • Cashless

TicketCo works with festivals to sell more, and quicker, by enabling fast and frictionless payments of tickets, F&B, merch and more. By providing one single sales platform for all festival sales both online and on-site, it also increases profitability by eliminating a range of costs and administration for the festival organiser and the merchants.

Media services for festivals

  • Sell tickets to live streams
  • Sell tickets to video on demand
  • Combine virtual and physical tickets in one solution
  • Up-selling opportunities at checkout

With pay-per-view virtual tickets the audience can engage and enjoy performances either live or on-demand. With our hybrid ticket solution the festival can sell both physical and virtual tickets to the same event within the same platform. It also enables up-selling opportunities at checkout.

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