ALL-IN-ONE sales solution for festivals

The unified sales solution for festivals

More festival sales and fewer queues

TicketCo works with festivals to sell more, and quicker, by enabling fast and frictionless payments of tickets, F&B, merch and more. By providing one single sales platform for all festival sales both online and on-site, it also increases profitability by eliminating a range of costs and administration for the festival organiser and the merchants.

Reducing festival queues at the gates is also at the heart of our technology. With a lightning fast scanning technology our app enables quicker entry compared to traditional access control. In addition, the only devices required are regular smartphones and tablets, making staff allocation and queue handling a bliss.

Festivals of all sizes are already using the TicketCo solution to power their sales, cutting costs and giving festival goers a smooth experience.

We increased our sales by 28 percent. People only had to queue 3 minutes at the most, which is far less than previous year’s. We fully attribute these huge improvements to TicketCo’s Cashless.”

Oystein Vaage,  CEO

Why choose TicketCo e-Commerce Services?

Integrated cashless

No wristbands, only mobile phones. The ticket buyer pays and collects everything using our app, including tickets, F&B and merch.

Fast track payments

The festival goers store the bank card once and go on purchasing with once click payments throughout the whole festival. No need for top up stations.

Ticketing everywhere

Integrating tickets sales with social media, websites, affiliates, and anywhere else you want to sell.

Bundling and upselling

Drive up revenue by up-selling relevant products in the checkout, such as merchandise, food & beverage, transportation and hotel stay.

Minimal accounting

You manage 100% of your sales in one platform and deal with one single settlement, saving you plenty of time and accounting costs.

Live reporting

From ticket purchase to the last drink, see all your sales data in real time.

With TicketCo you’ll get:


Unlimited ticket types


Bundling & up-selling


Marketing tools


Ticket distribution


Easy payments


Capacity management


Access control


Business intelligence


Cloud based management


Self service platform


Data collection


Business integrations

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We provide you as an organiser with a full overview of your event. We therefore do not charge fixed fees, nor do we have any hidden costs. You pay ‘as-you-go’; only a small fee per item sold.

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