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 Launch your new virtual festival service with TicketCo

Our robust cloud-based platform comes with exciting features that allows for quick and efficient handling of digital events bookings, powered by TicketCo Media Services. With pay-per-view virtual tickets the audience can engage and enjoy performances either live or on-demand. With our hybrid ticket solution the organiser can sell both physical and virtual tickets to the same festival within the same platform. It also enables up-selling opportunities at checkout. Festivals of all sizes are already using the TicketCo solution to power their sales, cutting costs and giving the audience a smooth experience.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer a digital version of Henley Festival for 2020 with some of the UK’s best loved performers. This is a wonderful opportunity for people that cannot attend to experience the festival from the comfort of their homes.

Nick Mattingley,  CEO

Why choose TicketCo Media Services?

User friendliness

Full HD quality on any device, instant access and an easy user experience at the touch of a button.


Secure URL that blocks sharing and secures your revenue.


Powerful integrations with our API or Zapier

Bundling and upselling

Drive up revenue by up-selling relevant products in the checkout.

Get started quickly

Get up and running incredibly quick and easy with our self service solution.

Low pay-as-you-go cost

No sign up costs or other up-front costs and the price plan is strictly pay-as-you-go based.

With TicketCo you can:


Sell tickets to live streams


Sell tickets to video on demand


Sell virtual and physical tickets


Live Chat


Enjoy reporting & business intelligence


Use geo restrictions


Enjoy DRM for improved security


Up-sell at checkout


Provide localised content


Provide localised payment methods


Offer the TicketCo TV app


Provide an end-to-end shopper journey

Create an account

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We created the only solution globally that can offer both organisers and their end users a non-fragmented user experience within the jumbled space of hybrid events.

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Digital shows delivered behind an online paywall perform stronger than free content. This is one of numerous insights discovered in a comprehensive survey that just has been released.


We provide you as an organiser with a full overview of your event. We therefore do not charge fixed fees, nor do we have any hidden costs. You pay ‘as-you-go’; only a small fee per item sold.

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