Theatre ticketing and box office solution


TicketCo gives you the market’s most complete solution — as it enables you to sell more for your theatre and gives the audience a frictionless experience. It is also a self-service system which is user-friendly for both you as the event organiser and for your audience.

Below, we explain how TicketCo can create added value for your theatre:

Before the theatre show:

  • Choose between seated events and general admission or mix it. Let audience choose seats when they book on their phones.
  • Easily integrate your ticket sales with your social media channels and your website. Every time you create a new event at your theatre, in the self-service platform with TicketCo, it’s automatically and instantly shown in all your channels. This saves you plenty of time by reducing administrative work.
  • With TicketCo you don’t have to sell your traffic to ticketing agents. Your customer data is entirely yours and easily accessible. This helps you take wise decisions in both marketing and sales.
  • Enable advance sales together with the ticket purchase – upsell items that the visitors would normally purchase at the theatre, such as cloakroom tickets, merchandise, food and beverage.
  • Increase theatre memberships by customising memberships for specific segments, such as family plays, captioned or lates.
  • Create and sell gift cards

During the theatre show:

  • With TicketCo the physical box office is integrated with iZettle card readers, so you can recieve payments 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market and download an app that can be used on any smartphone. With minimal hardware you have a solution that accepts card, contactless and cash at no extra cost.
  • Impress your audience by having a system that doesn’t create any queues. With Group-QR-codes you can check in an unlimited number of people and know exactly what they want at arrival.
  • As TicketCo is a cloud based platform you can be anywhere in the world and monitor from your phone or computer how many people has arrived at the theatre, who checked them in and how much sales has been generated.
  • Increase service level by personalising the arrival for each visitor by greeting them by their name at the door and inform them about their advance purchases.
  • Build mailing lists based on your different audiences automatically based on their purchases


After the theatre show:

  • With full access to your customer data you can send out personalised surveys for your research and tailored newsletters based on what they purchased.
  • Easily connect TicketCo to your marketing tools and CRM systems
  • Give tailored access to all your stakeholders, for example your accountant, your security staff and your marketing team for them to collect the information they need. With TicketCo you minimise the need for manual reporting.
  • Optimise your marketing initiatives for your next event by using tracking links to measure which campaigns work and which don’t.



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