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TicketCo Cashless

Ticketing with integrated cashless

A unique solution

Better for the audience & better for you as event organiser

We offer a unique all-in-one solution with your ticketing & sale of goods. With TicketCo there’s no need for separate systems, such as RFID, to go cashless for a whole event.

Eliminate cash handling for your event and gain full control

Reduce queues by letting the audience purchase on their device with one-tap

Set up an unlimited number of merchants and products for your event

We don't charge activation fees. With TicketCo it's entirely transaction based

Cut out costs by eliminating wristbands. Or if you prefer, integrate TicketCo with a separate RFID system

Access control; know who and how many are at your event in real-time

Send out promotions to all attendees with push-notifications

We help you also arranging top-up stations, taking both contactless and cash

100% of your sales in real-time on your reporting dashboard.

Every single sale is linked to a Customer ID

The audience can easily top up with credit, either by phone or at top-up stations

Each customer gets allocated a customer ID when buying a ticket in the form of a QR code, digital or printed. This QR code is used for all purchases and can be topped up with money either through the mobile with one tap, or through integrated top up stations for card and cash.

Enjoy insights you’ve never been able to before

Customer data can’t get richer than this

Be in control of your whole event with real-time sales reporting from start to finish

When people are arriving to your event

Take a quick look at your TicketCo web platform, or your TicketCo app when you’re on-the-go, and see in real-time how many people have arrived and when they came through the doors, as well as how many haven’t yet arrived.

The most popular products

From your analytics dashboard you can view lists, tables and graphs on what products have sold the most in real-time. Know exactly if you need to stock up on something or send a push notification to promote an offer to a different area of the event to boost a specific product.

Share reports externally from the platform

Share your event reports easily with others from the platform, such as your accountant, investors and affiliates.

Best selling merchant

By integrating all event sales into one system, you can have full control over all sales from each merchants at your event. By eliminating cash payments you’ll know what every payment will be accounted for and there will be 100% transparency.

Cash flow status

TicketCo provides you full overview of the cash flow status in real time: totals, per payment method and per type of goods.

Pay out status

Make accounting a piece of cake with TicketCo by having a full overview of the pay out status to yourself and each merchant.

Communicate with your audience in real-time

Push notifications

During the event you can utilise SMS push notifications to communicate with your whole audience. Use it to send sponsor messaging at arrival, shout out a limited promotion in the bar, a special discount on the merchandise stand or to announce the next artists/speakers at your event.

Everything you need for your Cashless event

We support you with every aspect, both online and on-site

Online set-up

Creating and setting up the event online.

Sales features

Features to help you maximise sales


Tools to promote your event online & on social media

Efficient payments

A lightning fast ticket buyer experience your audience will love


Accept credit card and contactless payments.

Bespoke reporting

Support in your reporting needs

Ticket types

Selling with a range of ticket types.

Merchant set-ups

Set up of merchants and product menu’s

Support on-site

On-site support and top up stations

Event management app

An organiser app to sell, verify tickets and gain sales insights

Bundling & up-selling

Features to maximise advance sales

Account management support

A friendly team that is ready to assist both you and your ticket buyers

Ready to try TicketCo?

Get in touch and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Cashless success stories

Get inspired

From cashless to cardless

“You are all welcome to visit us next time you are in London. Just drop me a text message if you're in the Shoreditch area,” was the clear message to the participants from TicketCo's CSO Carl-Erik M Moberg during the Wild Wild West music festival in...

Cashless beer festival through 4G

A product demo during the rural music festival Tysnesfest in Norway convinced Scottish Mungo Finlayson of Banchory Beer Festival that TicketCo's mobile cashless solution with the TicketCo Wallet app was perfect for his own event. Only a few weeks later,...

Cashless festival celebration in Southwark Park

The annual family festival in central London with a 40 year history offered cashless payments for the very first time. The success was imminent with thousands of festival goers enjoying frictionless payments throughout the day.

Oxford City Football Club go cashless with TicketCo

Vanarama National League South football club Oxford City have partnered with TicketCo to offer supporters cloud based mobile phone technology to purchase match tickets. “The TicketCo platform is fantastic and it makes buying tickets so simple online, both on the club...