Cashless events with TicketCo


Seamlessly integrated with the ticketing system. Mobile first technology. No need for RFID.

A cashless that is better

We offer a unique all-in-one solution with your ticketing & sale of goods that is better for the audience & better for you as event organiser. With TicketCo there’s no need for separate systems, such as RFID, to go cashless for a whole event.


  • Eliminate cash handling for your event and gain full control.
  • Reduce queues by letting the audience purchase on their device with one-tap.
  • Set up an unlimited number of merchants and products for your event.
  • We don’t charge activation fees. With TicketCo it’s entirely transaction based.
  • Cut out costs by eliminating wristbands. Or if you prefer, integrate TicketCo with a separate RFID system.
  • Access control; know who and how many are at your event in real-time.
  • Send out promotions to all attendees with push-notifications.
  • Also including top-up stations, taking both contactless and cash.
  • 100% of your sales in real-time on your reporting dashboard.

Push notifications

Use push notifications to instantly communicate with your whole audience. Use it to send sponsor messaging at arrival, shout out a limited promotion at the bar, a special discount on the merchandise stand or to announce the next artists/speakers at your event.

Be in control

Arrival data

See how many have arrived in real-time on your screen, and how many haven’t.

Product data

See on your screen in real-time what products have sold the most. Know when to stock up or send a promotional push notification.


Easy report sharing with stakeholders, such as your accountant, investors and affiliates.

Merchant sales

By eliminating cash payments you’ll know what every payment will be accounted for and there will be 100% transparency.

Cash flow status

Full overview of the cash flow status in real time: totals, per payment method and per type of goods.

Pay out status

Make accounting a piece of cake with TicketCo by having a full overview of the pay out status to yourself and each merchant.

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Killing cash in Scotland

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Preparing for a contactless festival summer

Preparing for a contactless festival summer

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Tall Ship Payments

Tall Ship Payments

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