TicketCo TV

How it works
Apple TV or Android TVIn a browser

TicketCo TV

How it works
Apple TV or Android TVIn a browser

On Apple TV or Android TV

If you have an Apple TV, or Android TV we strongly recommend downloading our free “TicketCo TV” app for the best streaming experience. Please note that you need TVos 13.0+ on Apple TV, or Android TV version 7.0+ to use our app.

1. Download TicketCo TV

  • Open the “App Store” on your Apple TV, or “Google Play Store” on your Android TV.
  • Navigate to the search field. Search for “ticketco tv”. Download and open the app.

2. Add your reference code

  • Once the app is open, you will be asked to add the reference code from your ticket (in the Ticket ID field). Your reference code / ticket ID is five letters starting with “1“ in the field below. Then click ”done“.

3. Watch live

  • After confirming your reference code you will be redirected to the event. Enjoy the stream.

In a browser

On a phone, tablet or computer
TicketCo TV can be live streamed using all major browsers.

  • Open the e-mail confirmation you received after the purchase, and click the “TicketCo TV icon” (“A“). This will open a new tab where the event will start.

Your event can also be live streamed on a device without access to the e-mail confirmation (E.g. on a smart tv). Open your web browser and go to the following website: ticketco.tv. Add the reference code in the ”Ticket ID“ field (marked with ”1” and “2” in the image above), and click “done“, and you will automatically be redirected your event stream.

Google Chromecast.
If you have a Google Chromecast connected to your tv, this can also be used to live stream the event. Click the ”chromecast icon“ in the video player to start casting.

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