Improving ticket sales for your sports club

Taking the ticketing and sales to the next level

When we work with ticketing, volunteers and sales teams at sports clubs it becomes apparent that sales are not hindered by the efforts and dedication of the teams involved — it’s quite the opposite!

We therefore help sports clubs with the ticketing and sales by isolating the pain points. For these pains we tailor an affordable and scalable technical solution that can change the team’s lives and that they can easily work with.

We have listed some of the common issues we have identified and are actively helping sports clubs to resolve.

Do you feel the pains for your sports club and want to take your sports ticketing and sales into a new direction?

The pain points we help you resolve:

Filling seats

Online and offline sales channels are not fully utilised. Customer data is not being collected and thus can’t be used in marketing to drive more sales and nurture relationships.

Seating plans

The audience cannot select seats themselves when booking tickets.

Slow entry at match day

Not able to verify and sell tickets fast enough at the door. Lack of integration between online and offline ticket verification and sales.

Inability to bundle tickets with goods

When bundling tickets with other goods it increases overall sales, such as with merchandise, drinks and food.

Season tickets

Manual handling of producing and sending out season tickets. Season tickets are not sold online and there is no auto-renewal system.

Lack of sales offers to stimulate the fans

The opportunity to give offers – e.g. flexible tickets for 5 home matches of the audience own choosing.

We have helped so many sports clubs to improve their sales and operations that we are confident we can do the same for you

We will therefore offer you:

Free contactless card readers


The trial is for a couple of matches, without commitments, to see how it can impact your matches on all levels. The card readers are yours to keep. For a club that has not offered online sales before, or mobile tickets, this can be a good pilot to see the effect in real life. For the clubs that are interested in this approach we will be on-site on the matches with equipment, staff and we will take care of the whole process.

Hurry up — this offer is open for a limited period only!

Contact us for a FREE trial

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