TicketCo can be used for digital tickets, home print-outs and for ticket printers

Eliminate the need for physical tickets — make your tickets available to absolutely everyone

How? By using digital tickets

TicketCo guarantees 360 degree ticket distribution, and provides digital tickets in all formats — via text message, email, for home print-outs (PDF) and for Apple Wallet.

Does your audience require physical tickets?

TicketCo provides two types of ticket printing

As a TicketCo customer, you can choose between two different types of ticket printing, which can both be connected to our iOS POS solution.

With the economy printing, you can easily and cheaply print ordinary tickets on thermal paper, on which you can place your own signature such as a printed logo on the back. Wireless connection via Bluetooth to the organiser’s iOS POS solution.

We know that many organisers want classic tickets and we can also offer a premium ticket and ticket printing solution that will underline the impression of you as a high-quality organiser of quality events. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi to the organiser’s iOS POS solution.

Digital tickets

Mobile text message

Text message tickets from TicketCo include the name of the event, a unique reference number and a link to open the ticket via a mobile browser.


Tickets received by email are sent as PDF files. This means that they are easily opened via an email client, or can be printed out at home.

Apple Wallet

TicketCo tickets can be easily placed in the Wallet app on an iPhone, so that they can be quickly displayed from a locked screen or Apple Watch.

Printed tickets


Economy tickets include information about the type of ticket, the time, place and price of the event, and they can be scanned on entry.


This is a more robust ticket that is printed on high-quality paper and includes the same information as Economy tickets.

Premium with profile

This ticket has space to add your own profile and the reverse side can be used for an arena map, sponsor promotion and similar.

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