With TicketCo you always have an overview of sales and actual admissions in real time, and after the event you will gain the full insight of both sales and audience


Learn more about your audience and increase your sales

Connecting with +500 web tools and API

TicketCo’s philosophy is that the customer data belong to the organiser and that organisers should be free to retrieve them. This can be done manually by downloading, or integrating systems using Zapier’s TicketCo connectors. This is a simple and modern solution that allows you to connect more than 500 web-based tools, such as MailChimp, Google Sheets or Slack, and thus automate the work flow. For more advanced integrations, we also offer API.

A full overview

360° reports in real time

With TicketCo’s free organiser app, you get an overview of your sales in real time. This gives you a good basis for good decisions, any time and any place. Once the event is under way, you can also continuously follow check-in statuses.

By logging in, you can analyse every event you enter in the system. You can decide whether you want to print sales reports per day, sales per event (for festivals and similar), types of goods or types of settlements. The reports can be generated in both HTML and XLS formats.

The reports give you an overview and can be forwarded to, for example, artists, management and other interested parties.

TicketCo gives you full control over your finances and all you need for marketing, planning and internal control purposes.

See examples of audience insight from TicketCo:

Report dashboard

Get a full overview of your sales via TicketCo’s built-in analytics dashboard with reporting features. Here, you quickly get an overview of your whole event in real-time sales based on the criteria you select, such as;


Collect the data you need

You can collect specific customer data from your audience when they are buying tickets by using TicketCo’s questions module. Let’s say you’ll be offering food, you’d ask for dietary requirements. If you host a conference, you might want to ask what company they’re from and what their roles are. The questions can be made compulsory or not, and they are linked to specific types of tickets and goods.

Email campaigns & surveys

Send promotional newsletter campaigns to your audience, or collect feedback about your event by using surveys. You can automatically create email lists of your ticket buyers (who have consented to this) that can be used for newsletters, surveys and similar.

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