With TicketCo, you reach more people and make smarter use of your marketing budget

Do you want to reach more people and sell more tickets?

The solution is iFrames

With TicketCo, you can easily duplicate the event information you enter in your website’s ticket system, Facebook or events calendar in your local newspaper or affiliate partner. This enables you to reach a bigger audience by using more channels. If changes occur, you only need to register them in one place and the other websites will be automatically updated. This also makes it easier to avoid slip-ups.

How can you make your marketing smarter?

Use Facebook Pixels and tracking links

By measuring the effect of your marketing, you can gain precise insight into what reaches your audience and triggers sales. In TicketCo, you can set up tracking links, which give you a precise overview of each marketing initiative and the sales they have generated. For an even more detailed overview, you can use Facebook Pixels.

Connect your audience and sales data to your marketing tools

By using Zapier’s TicketCo connector

With TicketCo the customer data belongs to you, and therefore we have made sure you can utilise all the greatness of Zapier to automate your workflow and marketing activities. View our most popular connectors on our integrations page.

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