TicketCo is the market’s most complete ticket system, with a range of functions that will make your life easier as an organiser, and increase your sales


In TicketCo, all sales take place in one system

We do this using OmniChannel

This means that you as an organiser only have one sales system to administer: that all data are included in one report and that you only need to enter one settlement in your accounts. This absolute integration is unique in the market and we call this the TicketCo OmniChannel. With us, pre-event sales online or by mobile phone and sales at the door using an integrated payment card terminal are all merged, so that you avoid having to administer several parallel systems.

You don’t need more than one sales system

Sell more, faster and easier

Many organisers sell more than just tickets and through TicketCo, you can offer both products and services linked to each ticket purchase. This can be anything from food and drink packages to busses, taxis, merchandise or meet & greet.

Additional sales of this kind are directly linked to the customer ID generated at ticket purchase, which will greater predictability for the organiser and at the same time as it will increase your turnover.

Let the audience pay by card

With iZettle card terminals, you simplify both ticket sales at the door and on the sale of goods

Card payments are a challenge for many organisers and separate solutions for first advance tickets and then sales at the door means unnecessary extra work. With TicketCo, all organisers receive a free iZettle terminal for keeps. The terminal automatically uploads all of the prices registered for the event and, after the event is over, you get one report detailing advance sales, sales at the door and sales of goods. You can use an unlimited number of iZettle card readers for your event sales, both at the door and on-site for sale of goods. The costs of using iZettle’s are included in TicketCo’s price plan and no extra payments are made to iZettle.

Mobile seating plans give the audience full freedom of choice

This enables you to look after your audience better

Today, about half of all ticket sales take place via mobile phones and the proportion is steadily increasing. Ticket systems that are based on outdated technology do not allow the audience to choose their seats themselves. They are instead allocated a seat automatically, a practice that is hard to defend in an age where mobile phones play a bigger and bigger role in our lives. This is not the case with TicketCo. Our ticket buyers have exactly the same functionality on mobile phones as on a desktop, including mobile seating plans.

More features

Shopping Cart

How do you get additional sales? With TicketCo you offer the ticket buyers a shopping basket to gather several purchases in one and the same payment. It has a one-click-purchase functionality and works on any platform which makes the shopping easy for ticket buyers. The products are added and controlled by you through the organiser app which gives you a great deal of flexibility and generates additional sales.


With TicketCo, you can include different discount schemes that will trigger the ticket buyers to buy quickly, or to buy more tickets. You can use both time-limited early bird discounts or group discounts, based on the number of tickets or total amount.

Promo codes

Do you use allotments or separate tickets for partners, sponsors, friends or family? In that case, you need a ticket system that allows you to register promo codes. This helps you to maintain an overview of complex ticket sales and makes it easy to find the different types of tickets.


A ticket system that can handle reservations means more flexible and at the same time predictable sales. In TicketCo, it is possible for an organiser to enter reservations and thereby ensure that reserved tickets are not sold to others.

Season tickets, membership subscriptions and festival passes

The sale of season tickets, membership tickets and festival passes makes sales more predictable. In addition, you can take care of your sponsors, business partners and loyal audience members throughout the season.

Gift cards

Increase advance sales! With TicketCo, you can sell both electronic and printed gift cards online or at your ticket office. Your audience can therefore buy the experiences you sell as gifts for others and you can increase your sales.

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