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‘Events made easy’ is our philosophy, and the fact that TicketCo’s system is so easy to use gives you as an organiser satisfied ticket buyers


What does TicketCo’s technology mean for your ticket buyers?

No hassle of setting up user accounts and remembering username and password. TicketCo works on all platforms and in all channels and has 360 degree ticket distribution, which means that your ticket buyers can choose whether they want to receive their ticket by text message or email for mobile phones, by email for home print-outs or have it sent to Wallet. In addition, they can also get printed tickets from one of our ticket printers if you as an organiser choose this solution.

Advantages for the ticket buyer:

No unnecessary user accounts or logins

Your customers don’t have to set up user accounts, so there’s no need of remembering either username or passwords.

Platform independent

TicketCo works on all platforms and in all channels since it is web-based. This means that your ticket buyers can purchase their tickets from iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Mac, PC, tablets and other platforms.

360 degree ticket distribution

360 degree ticket distribution means that your ticket buyers can choose what format they want to receive their tickets in.

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