Use of cookies & use of your contact information

What are cookies and what are they used for? uses cookies, like most other online stores, and in accordance with UK law. A cookie is data stored in your browser's internal memory, which will give you a better and more relevant user experience when visiting a website. uses cookies, among other things, to provide you with a simpler ticket purchase or easier use of management sites if you are an organiser.

The cookies we use will simplify your use with login, shopping cart, purchase execution, and automatic display of relevant products on your site. We also use cookies for statistics to learn about what our customers are interested in, so we can make our web pages even more user-friendly.

What information is stored?

The cookies will contain information about: IP address, selected browser, operating systems, which broadband provider is using, as well as data on visited subsets and date/time of visit. We never store information that can identify the user.

This way you can avoid cookies:

If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set your browser to not  automatically accept cookies. See the browser's help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, some of the features on will not work.

The information will never be disclosed or made available to third parties outside our company. We would only allow third party operators to access the information if this is necessary to perform certain services for By using the website you agree to the use of cookies.

TicketCo's terms of use for the use of contact information that you leave on ticket purchase

Contact information such as e-mail address and mobile phone number is used to distribute tickets and receipts to you. In some cases TicketCo will also be able to collect address information and similar in connection with your ticket purchase.

TicketCo, and the organiser, will be able to contact you through TicketCo if there is a need to provide you with information relevant to the ticket purchase after the purchase has been made. TicketCo will also be able to contact you in connection with surveys or similar to improve your ticket purchaser experience. TicketCo does not allow organisers who use TicketCo for ticket brokerage to use your contact information for other communications without prior consent from you. This consent is obtained through the fact that in connection with the ticket purchase you may choose to be contacted by the organiser through an opt-in box before you pay. When you check your ticket purchase for the organiser to contact you, the organiser will be able to use your contact information for email lists, surveys and similar. This will be a tool that is outside of TicketCo as a system. With such consent, you hereby acknowledge that your contact information may be used by the organiser in 3rd party systems (outside TicketCo's control). If you wish to stop communication between you and the organiser, you must contact the organiser directly or use the tools for unsubscribing email lists and similar that the organiser offers.

TicketCo also collects some technical information about the ticket purchase such as geographic location (city-level), operating system you use, web browser and data available through Google Analytics. This data may also be made available to the organiser if you agree that the organiser may use your contact information.