The easiest way to manage everything to do with events

Here’s how TicketCo helps you sell more, faster. 


A digital ticketing assistant that works with you, not against you

TicketCo is here to revolutionise the way ticket buyers experience ticket payments.

Increase sales

TicketCo helps you get more out of every ticket buyer by letting you make smart upselling recommendations.

Save costs

We enable you to become digital-first organisers, so you can spend less on physical ticket offices. Our pay-as-you-sell model also lowers your operating costs.

Improve ticket buyer satisfaction

A better checkout experience leads to improved customer loyalty. TicketCo lets you sell tickets directly from your website to ensure a smooth customer journey.


Features to help you succeed

Whether you’re in charge of sales, marketing, distribution or access control, our user-friendly software is designed to help you make the most of every event. Any changes you make are also instantly updated on our software.


Put your brand centre stage

Easily add your branding to every step of your ticket buyers’ journey, including your event and checkout pages. You could even keep your domain name. 


Event sales are just the beginning

Maximise your return on investment by creating lucrative content. We’re the only digital ticketing assistant that offers live streaming and video on demand capabilities, all in one seamless solution.


Offer a new way for sports fans to support you.


Manage your events using our frictionless software.

On-Site Sales

Make omnichannel ticketing effortless.

Media Services

Monetise your events and expand your reach with PPV and VOD content.

Take a closer look

Click on a module to learn more about what we offer. 

Success Stories

“By using TicketCo Media Services we can broadcast the documentary how we want it, when we want to and hit the audience we want to reach. It is a perfect solution.”
“This was an easy decision for us to make after a very positive one year trial. We wanted to experience that everything ran as it should, and it sure did.”
“The analytics and insights you must have for your customers are really important. It’s a very powerful tool and one we haven’t had in 53 years of hosting our fireworks display.”
“We are doing a redo of the tournament. We have to change with the times and add value to our ticket buyers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between you and the other ticketing systems?

We define our service as a complete ticketing assistant, not just a ticketing system. We’re also the only ticketing assistant in the world that fully integrates on-site ticket sales with online sales – saving you from unnecessary work. With TicketCo, you’ll also get a full all-in-one report of pre-sales, door sales and item purchases after every event. 

Do we need to be a large organisation to use TicketCo?

No, every company is welcome! TicketCo is designed to work for all types of occasions, regardless of size, type, or frequency. 

Do TicketCo tickets work on every phone?

Yes, they do. All tickets/vouchers from TicketCo can be opened via texts, emails, mobile browsers or Apple Wallet/Passbook.

Does the TicketCo organiser app work for ticket verification on all phones/mobile systems?

Yes. The TicketCo organiser app is available on both iOS and Android. This makes it easy to ensure a fast and safe entry. 

Is the TicketCo Admin App available for all versions of iOS or Android?

The TicketCo Admin app is available on iOS devices compatible with iOS 9 or above and Android devices compatible with Android 5 or above.

You should be able to find the app by searching for “TicketCo Admin” on your app store. 

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Connect with your favourite tools

At TicketCo, we’re all about simplicity and ease of use. That’s why we work with partners like Google, Facebook, and Zapier to create useful integrations, so you can manage everything in one place. 

All integrations

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