Tom Rasmussen
Jul 3, 2024

Coleraine's Smooth Transition to TicketCo

Coleraines FC pitch

As TicketCo expands into Northern Ireland, we're thrilled to announce Coleraine FC as our first partner in this new market. Simon Magee, CEO of Coleraine FC, shares their seamless experience transitioning to TicketCo’s platform and the positive impact it has had on their operations.

A Seamless Onboarding Experience

Coleraine FC faced the challenge of modernizing their ticketing system to enhance fan experience and streamline operations. Simon Magee highlights how TicketCo's intuitive platform and dedicated Customer Success team made the onboarding process effortless. "The transition to TicketCo was remarkably smooth. Their team was with us every step of the way, ensuring a hassle-free setup and quick adaptation to the new system."

User-Friendly Platform

One of the standout features for Coleraine FC has been the user-friendliness of TicketCo. Simon notes, "Our fans have responded positively to the new digital ticketing process. The platform is easy to navigate, making purchasing tickets straightforward and efficient. This has significantly reduced the time and effort required by our staff, allowing us to focus more on enhancing the matchday experience."

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Support from TicketCo’s Customer Success Team

Simon Magee emphasizes the importance of ongoing support from TicketCo’s Customer Success team. "The support we've received has been outstanding. Any issues we encountered were promptly addressed, and the team’s proactive approach ensured we were always ahead of any potential problems. Their dedication to our success has made a significant difference."

Commercial Opportunities

Simon Magee also highlights the commercial benefits TicketCo has brought to Coleraine FC. "TicketCo has opened up new commercial opportunities for us. We can now connect our commercial partners with our fans more effectively, increasing ROI and brand awareness. The richer customer data we generate can be shared with our partners, creating new digital sponsorship opportunities."

Matchday Operations

Simon praises the improvements in matchday operations with TicketCo’s solutions. "Our matchday operations have become much more efficient. We now offer contactless payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, which streamline sales. The lightning-fast ticket scanning with TicketCo’s organiser app for iOS and Android has improved the fan experience. Additionally, the platform’s integrations with automated access control systems, Point of Sale (Tills), applications, CRM, and marketing tools have made our operations smoother and more effective."

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Simon is optimistic about the continued partnership with TicketCo. "We are excited about the future and the potential to further improve our ticketing operations. TicketCo’s innovative solutions and continuous support give us the confidence to aim higher and provide the best experience for our supporters."


Coleraine FC's successful transition to TicketCo highlights the platform’s effectiveness in delivering a smooth, user-friendly ticketing solution backed by exceptional customer support. As TicketCo continues to expand, we are committed to helping more clubs achieve similar success.

david-kennyFeel free to reach out to David Kenny, TicketCo's Vice President of Sales for the UK and Ireland, and Greenfield Sales expert, at for any inquiries or further information.

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