Apr 30, 2024

Customer Voices: How TicketCo Enhances Ticketing for Football Clubs


In the world of software solutions, true validation comes from the users—the customers who interact with the technology daily. They know best how well a system functions in real-world scenarios.

The Proof is in the Pudding, and TicketCo is no exception. Here are two Customer Insights from the English National League and Irish First Division, describing Hereford FC’s and Cork City FC’s Customer Experiences with TicketCo.

Cork City FC’s Journey with TicketCo

Éanna Buckley, the Chief Operating Officer and Club Secretary at Cork City FC, discusses her experience. Founded in 1984, Cork City FC is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, boasting three League of Ireland Premier Division titles and four FAI Cup victories.

As COO, Éanna manages day-to-day operations, ensuring departmental coordination and working closely with the club's owner. Prior to partnering with TicketCo, the club faced challenges such as the absence of a dedicated support contact and difficulties in transitioning ticket sales online.

“Before TicketCo, integrating season ticket and match ticket sales onto one platform was logistically challenging," Éanna explains. Since adopting TicketCo, online sales have notably increased, thanks to an enhanced purchasing process.

“The onboarding with TicketCo was smooth, although there were a few teething problems typical with significant changes. Thankfully, these issues were effectively managed with TicketCo’s support,” she adds.

For those considering TicketCo, Éanna advises: “Engage with the TicketCo team. Discuss any concerns you have; I’m confident they’ll address them to your satisfaction.

Photo: Edgar Street, the home of Hereford United Football Club since its formation in 1924.Hereford stadium 1920x1080

Hereford FC’s Positive Experience with TicketCo

Jamie Griffiths, General Manager of Hereford FC, shares his positive experience with TicketCo. Established in 2014 as a phoenix club for Hereford United, Hereford FC appreciates the simplicity and reliability of the TicketCo platform.

Jamie G (1)"From the sales process to ongoing support, TicketCo has been exceptional. There are no hidden charges, and the system is straightforward, greatly benefiting our staff and volunteers," Jamie states.

The user-friendly platform has led to a surge in online sales and reduced the risks associated with handling large amounts of cash on matchdays. Financial transactions are smooth, with timely payments and no system downtime, crucial for busy periods like FA Cup games or season ticket sales.

“We would definitely recommend TicketCo. It offers great value for money and has transformed our ticketing operations,” concludes Jamie.


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