Apr 26, 2018

How Junkyard Golf Club’s sales sky rockets with TicketCo


UK’s most vibrant crazy golf venue partnered with TicketCo earlier this year. With just a few months in play, the increase in ticket sales and the additional revenue as a result will give every entertainment venue some food for thought.

“Our venues are experiencing large growth, and we feel like the partnership with TicketCo has gone a long way towards delivering this result” says the founder and director of Junkyard Golf Club Christopher Legh.

The success has indeed been significant, mainly due to an innovative ticket sales solution that caters for the needs of such fast paced and high volume operations.

Finally a logical solution – 46% increase in ticket sales

Junkyard Golf club is the crazy golf venue that has taken the UK by storm with their fun mix of crazy golf, cocktails and loud music. Started only two years ago in Manchester, they are already in three locations around the UK, including London and Oxford, with plans of expanding into six additional locations.

TicketCo made an impression on the team from the start, as a scalable solution for ticketing was key when choosing provider with the expansion plans in mind;

Christopher Legh admits; “When I first met TicketCo they immediately understood the issues we’ve previously had trying to shoehorn existing ticketing systems into our needs and offered a logical solution for what we needed to achieve.”
Since the start of 2018, they have already sold way over 100,000 tickets through TicketCo – that’s 10,000 tickets a week across thousands of time slots. Compared to previous year, they’ve experienced a staggering 46% increase in ticket sales.

As a bonus – an increase in overall revenue by 63%

TicketCo delivers a solution for entertainment venues that is so much more than just selling tickets. With technology that helps organisers manage time slots easier and sell tickets faster, alongside making it easier for the audience to purchase and use the tickets – the solution brings benefits that affects the overall operations;

As Christopher Legh puts it; “We are able to set up ticket allocations in a fraction of the time to previously and also it’s sped up processing time on guest arrival significantly. Meaning shorter queuing and giving guests more time at the bar before they start. I think the sales speak for themselves!”
And indeed they do – as Junkyard Golf Club has seen an astonishing 63% overall increase in revenue compared to previous year.

The staff at Junkyard Golf Club are also enjoying TicketCo. In the following video, they tell us about the significant benefits they are seeing in the organisation and for their visitors:

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