May 27, 2024

Effective immediately, TicketCo has embarked on an agreement to become the ‘Official and Exclusive Ticketing Partner of the Vanarama National League”.

NL New agreement with TicketCo

TicketCo and National League joint press release.

This collaboration will introduce the TicketCo platform to all 72 clubs within the 5th and 6th tiers of English football, giving them the opportunity access a cutting edge platform to help enhance fan experiences and boost club attendances. 

David Kenny, Vice President of Sales UK/Ireland & Greenfield Sales at TicketCo,said that their solution was sports centric, prioritised user friendliness and offered a tailored and exclusive service for National League member clubs. 

He said: "We are poised to deliver tangible benefits to the league and its clubs,ensuring every participating club capitalises on this opportunity for growth. 

“Through this new partnership, clubs will have the opportunity to take advantage of an exclusive, competitive pricing structure for their ticketing services, with currently 8 out of 72 clubs in the National League, National League South, and National League North engaged in conversations with us ahead of the 2024/25 season. 

"There's capacity to welcome more clubs, and through our agreement with the league, we guarantee priority onboarding for quick and efficient setup. Recognising the critical nature of timely season ticket sales, we're committed to supporting the clubs during this crunch time.”

Supporting Clubs with specialised support and competitive pricing

Founded in Norway in 2012 and launched in the UK in 2017, TicketCo has assisted over 4,500 organisers, facilitated more than 150,000 events, and processed sales of over 35 million items through its platform, generating in excess of £425 million in turnover. 

Dominating the sports sector in Norway and strongly present also within football and other sports in Ireland and Sweden, TicketCo is a leading ticketing partner for major professional football clubs. 

In addition to leveraging a robust and tested ticketing platform, National League clubs partnering with TicketCo will receive specialised support, including a dedicated Customer Success agent from day one, to optimise ticketing and retail operations.

National League's Commitment to Beneficial Partnerships

Mark Ives, general manager of the National League, said: “The National League is excited to embark on a two-year journey with TicketCo."

“We are looking forward to introducing TicketCo to our member clubs, so they can see for themselves the tangible benefits they can receive from working with their state-of-the-art system. 

“At the National League we pride ourselves on promoting partnerships with companies who have the best interests of our clubs at heart and we are confident that we have here a mutually beneficial relationship that can be built over the coming years.”

Only One Click Away 

For more information on working with TicketCo, or partnership opportunities at the National League, contact commercial@thenationalleague.org.uk.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to David Kenny, TicketCo's Vice President of Sales for the UK and Ireland, and Greenfield Sales expert, at david.kenny@ticketco.net for any inquiries or further information.

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