Your secret to exceptional marketing

Attract and delight customers with TicketCo, so you can bolster sales and boost engagement. 


Make better data-driven decisions

Quick access to real-time data is crucial, especially for marketing. TicketCo delivers exactly that – and more. 

All your insights in one place

TicketCo’s built-in dashboard grants you a full overview of your analytics. You can also generate individual event reports, which can automatically be shared with other stakeholders.

Complete ownership of your customer data

TicketCo never interferes with the data you collect from ticket buyers. Whether it’s metrics like promo code usage, average basket sizes, or dwell time, you’re in total control. 

Integrate with your favourite marketing tools

We support several third-party integrations such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel. 

How does TicketCo work for you?

Every marketer keeps an eye on their customers. But they’re not always able to react and adjust quickly due to low-performing systems. With TicketCo, you can do both with ease. 


Launch powerful campaigns

Customers who buy tickets and goods with TicketCo are automatically added to your remarketing database. This makes it easy to build lookalike audiences that you can reach through paid search and social media. 


Put your brand front and centre

TicketCo lets you add your organisation’s branding to everything your ticket buyers will see, including your event and checkout pages. 


One change, instant update

You’re in control. Any changes you make go live immediately – there’s no need to wait for our approval. 


What’s in it for you?

Increase ticket buyer satisfaction
Get a better understanding of your customers
Boost your marketing efficiency and effectiveness
Deliver more relevant offers with improved targeting capabilities
Improve your return on marketing investment
Grow ticket sales and revenue

Success Stories

“By using TicketCo Media Services we can broadcast the documentary how we want it, when we want to and hit the audience we want to reach. It is a perfect solution.”
“This was an easy decision for us to make after a very positive one year trial. We wanted to experience that everything ran as it should, and it sure did.”
“The analytics and insights you must have for your customers are really important. It’s a very powerful tool and one we haven’t had in 53 years of hosting our fireworks display.”
“We are doing a redo of the tournament. We have to change with the times and add value to our ticket buyers.”

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