Sell more live experience tickets

Whether you’re responsible for managing shows, festivals, or live venues, TicketCo lets you do it all effortlessly. 


Guarantee frictionless ticket-buying journeys, forever

Every showgoer wants to skip the admin and get to the good part, which is the show they want to attend. Help them get there faster with TIcketCo. 

Sell tickets lightning-fast

TicketCo lets you keep it simple. Our digital ticketing assistant is designed with ease of use in mind, so ticket buyers can make purchases with just a few clicks. 

We’re digital-first

As a cloud-based solution, our ticketing system is extremely robust and can handle over 100,000 transactions at once without any downtime. 

Go completely mobile

TicketCo can be accessed via any device. That means your staff can sell and scan tickets using smartphones and tablets – no expensive specialist hardware needed. 

A 360° tool for your venue

Sales, marketing, distribution, reporting – TicketCo helps you manage everything in one simple yet powerful platform. 


No upfront cost

The live entertainment industry is fickle; cancellations can happen at any time. Our pay-as-you-sell model gives organisers of all shapes and sizes the flexibility they need. 


An integrated ticket office

Our physical and online sales systems operate in complete harmony. This prevents the issue of overbooking. 


Become an events expert

Our user-friendly, self-service solution is easy to master. This lets you become a trusted member of your team and a specialist in your own right.


What’s in it for you?

Boost revenue through upselling and bundling
Offer subscription-based products that fans will love

(e.g. season tickets and memberships)

Complete control over your customer data
Improve marketing effectiveness with third-party integrations and APIs
Increase brand awareness with bespoke branding
Enhance fan experiences with frictionless ticket-buying journeys

Success Stories

“By using TicketCo Media Services we can broadcast the documentary how we want it, when we want to and hit the audience we want to reach. It is a perfect solution.”
“This was an easy decision for us to make after a very positive one year trial. We wanted to experience that everything ran as it should, and it sure did.”
“The analytics and insights you must have for your customers are really important. It’s a very powerful tool and one we haven’t had in 53 years of hosting our fireworks display.”
“We are doing a redo of the tournament. We have to change with the times and add value to our ticket buyers.”

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