Don’t chase your dreams. Build your dreams.

32 min
Jul 2, 2024

From Ticketing Manager to CEO: Fredrik Söderberg's Journey with AIK "Don’t chase your dreams. Build your dreams." This could be the motto for the latest episode of TicketingPodcast.com, where we sit down with Fredrik Söderberg, CEO of the renowned Swedish football club AIK.

If you’re looking for in-depth perspectives on ticketing and its importance for your football club – look no further. This episode has everything you need and more. Fredrik’s unique career trajectory, from heading the ticketing department to leading one of Sweden's biggest top-tier football clubs, provides an extraordinary perspective on the intersection of sports management and ticketing.

Key Highlights:

  1. Strategic Ticketing Insights: Fredrik discusses how AIK's approach to ticket sales has evolved, focusing on marketing automation and creating a sense of urgency among fans. Learn how these strategies have doubled their season ticket sales since 2018.

  2. Balancing Business and Passion: Transitioning from a ticketing manager to CEO, Fredrik emphasises the delicate balance between maintaining financial health and fostering a passionate fan base. His insights into AIK’s strategic planning and community engagement are invaluable for anyone in sports management.

  3. Future of Ticketing: With advancements in technology and the rise of marketing automation, Fredrik explores the future of ticketing. Discover his predictions on how data-driven decision-making will continue to shape the industry.



GUEST Fredrik Söderberg

Fredrik Söderberg

Guest | CEO at AIK


Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

Host | CEO, TicketCo


Tom Rasmussen

Producer | HoC, TicketCo

Whether you're a ticketing manager aiming to climb the career ladder, or a sports executive interested in innovative strategies, this episode is packed with actionable insights. Fredrik's journey is a testament to the critical role that ticketing plays in the broader scope of sports management.

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