One Click Away - a Live Special from the Football Business Summit in Prague.

18 min
Jun 13, 2024

One Click Away. That was the title of the show when Carl-Erik Moberg welcomed Kjetil Sørtun on stage at epet Arena in Prague on June 5, 2024, for a Live Special of TicketingPodcast.com, discussing next-generation ticketing solutions.

This Live Special episode of TicketingPodcast.com explores Kjetil's journey from transforming Norway's banking sector with mobile-only, self-service solutions to tackling the challenges of fragmentation and lack of standards in ticketing. Discover how data-driven decision-making and innovative AI technologies will soon streamline processes for ticketing managers, making their roles more efficient and impactful.



kjetil Sørtun

Kjetil Sørtun

Guest | CTO at TicketCo


Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

Host | CEO, TicketCo


Tom Rasmussen

Producer | HoC, TicketCo

The ambitious "Massiv" project, inspired by the rugged Norwegian terrain, aims to revolutionise the ticketing landscape with a mobile-only digital assistant. Kjetil shares insights on how customer feedback and significant support from the Norwegian government are shaping this transformative initiative. He highlights the digital assistant’s capabilities in providing real-time recommendations and simplifying daily tasks, ultimately freeing up valuable time for more critical activities.

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