The Economics of Empty Seats: Exploring No-Show Behaviour with Dominik Schreyer

18 min
May 28, 2024

"Cut the discounts!" This bold advice from Professor Dominik Schreyer to football clubs selling season tickets stems from a simple truth: scientific evidence shows that discounts are not a significant motivator for season ticket holders. So, why continue to offer them?

Dominik Schreyer, Professor of Sports Economics at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in Düsseldorf, is known for changing the way people think about stadium economics. In this special Hot Topic episode, we delve into one of the sports industry's most pressing issues—no-show behavior among season ticket holders.

Bringing years of academic research and real-world insights, Dominik challenges common misconceptions and illuminates the psychological and economic factors that influence fan attendance. He explores the impact of no-shows on stadium economics and introduces innovative strategies to reduce empty seats, offering a comprehensive analysis of the lesser-seen aspects of sports management.

The episode also provides a historical overview of ticketing, from ancient Rome to modern football. Dominik shares intriguing findings from his research, including the effectiveness of various incentives designed to decrease no-show rates among season ticket holders. Listen to the discussion on innovative reminder strategies like moral persuasion and public acknowledgment and their surprising effects on attendance.



Dominik Schreyer

Dominik Schreyer

Guest | Professor of Sports Economics at WHU


Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

Host | CEO, TicketCo


Tom Rasmussen

Producer | HoC, TicketCo

To conclude, the conversation shifts to how clubs can enhance value for their most loyal fans. Dominik's expertise sheds new light on the commercialisation of football, emphasising the importance of creating experiences that extend beyond the stadium walls and captivate both new and existing fans.

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