Ticketing superstar Brooke Arthur's captivating highs of ticketing for two Olympics and two FIFA Women's World Cups

43 min
Nov 22, 2023

She has done 2 Olympic games, 2 FIFA World Cups and lots of other big events, and she is still only at the start of her career. Say hello to Canadian and Australian ticketing superstar Brooke Arthur.

From cutting her teeth as an intern at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, to spearheading ticketing at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, and scaling the grand heights of FIFA Women's World Cups, Brooke's experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.



Brooke Arthur profile image

Brooke Arthur

Guest | Ticketing Strategy & Operations


Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

Host | CEO, TicketCo


Tom Rasmussen

Producer | HoC, TicketCo

Brooke's enthusiasm for ticketing shines through as she shares her remarkable journey, and you won't want to miss this enthralling discussion.

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