Raising the curtain for


the world’s only fully integrated hybrid ticketing solution


… because fragmentation is poison for hybrid events (and digital is for life, not just for Covid)


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Raising the curtain for


the world’s only fully integrated hybrid ticketing solution


… because fragmentation is poison for hybrid events (and digital is for life, not just for Covid)


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The future is hybrid. That is a common understanding across the event industry. There is however an elephant in the room, and that elephant is fragmentation.

Fragmentation is poison for hybrid events, and an existential threat for you as an organiser when you decide to enter the hybrid future. The reason is simple. Your audience are used to flawless digital experiences, and they expect nothing less from you than from Netflix or Spotify. They expect a smooth, intuitive customer journey, regardless of whether they purchase a virtual or a physical ticket. Next, they expect a flawless digital experience or a similar straightforward physical experience.

How strange it may seem, there’s only one provider of a fully integrated hybrid ticketing solution in today’s market. That provider is TicketCo. When we built our cutting edge streaming solution on the top of our highly efficient self service payments platform, we made history without being fully aware of it ourselves.

We created the only solution globally that can offer both organisers and their end users a non-fragmented user experience within the jumbled space of hybrid events.

Streaming, virtual ticket sales and physical ticket sales via the same platform

Hybrid events with a combination of pay-per-view live streaming, virtual ticket sales and physical ticket sales is a brilliant way for organisers to overcome the limitations of Covid-19, and to turn those limitations into a limitless outreach.

TicketCo is the only available service globally that can handle streaming, virtual ticket sales, and physical ticket sales within one single platform.

This has huge advantages:

  • Smooth and unified customer journey
  • Unified marketing activities with one single CTA target
  • Easier reporting and settlements with one unified report
  • Great up-selling possibilities throughout the whole customer journey

Why you should hold hybrid events?

There is a growing expectation for digital content to become a permanent solution after the pandemic is over.

These are not our words, but one of the key findings in a market research on digital Arts & Culture experiences conducted by Danish Rasmussen Nordic and Norwegian Audience Norway on behalf of TicketCo and Bergen International Festival.

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The market research verifies more than the growing expectation for digital content. It also demonstrate a strong willingness to pay for digital content.

Then it’s the matter of outreach, and that is where hybrid events really have proved their excellence. With hybrid events you can exceed the physical limitations of your venue, and you can reach far outside your normal audience. Like for instance the Bristol based theatre company Wise Children, who sold 11,000 streaming passes to five live streamed performances at Bristol Old Vic.

Or The Umbrella Rooms’ online broadcast of Mischief Movie Night In, delivered in partnership with Kenny Wax Ltd, Stage Presence Ltd and Mischief Theatre Ltd. The show was watched in an astonishing 70 countries by 190,000 people.

Five UK theatre companies that went global via live streaming

UK theatre’s ability to engage with audiences on a global scale has never been more prevalent. 

Around the world, theatregoers are enjoying new plays and musicals from the comfort of their homes via HD quality pay-per-view live streaming and on-demand.

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“Hybrid events offer real potential for increasing access to live arts. There are a whole range of barriers to attending – cost, distance, disabilities which aren’t catered for (well) by venues, and many more – which the addition of well integrated digital components to live programme could be hugely significant in overcoming.”

Poppy Keeling, Executive Producer Wise Children

Hybrid sports events

Then it’s the subject of sports, and the hybrid potential is maybe even bigger than within arts and culture.

The combination of streaming, virtual ticket sales and physical ticket sales are just as suitable for sports organisers as it is for event organisers within the live industry.

TicketCo Media Services is the ideal solution for non-league football clubs or any other sports club with a dedicated follower base – large or small. Hybrid events enables a far better service towards loyal supporters worldwide than physical tickets alone. Imagine for instance the ability to offer the fans physical tickets to the home matches and virtual tickets to those away. Not to mention the supporters based abroad.

Hybrid sports events will please the supporters and boost the revenue. No up-front investments, a pay-as-you-go price plan, and the market’s smoothest payments platform with ticket sales, HD quality pay-per-view streaming, and up-selling options all within the same platform.

“Live streaming of FC Isle of Man games has always been an integral component of our strategy. When your community is spread across the globe you have to be able to bring the club to the fans so that they can genuinely feel part of the narrative, part of that community, and can experience the game in real-time regardless of whether they are in the Isle of Man, Germany, the USA, or Canada.”

Ty Smith, Commercial Director, FC Isle of Man

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