Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is the difference between you and the other ticketing systems?

We define our service as a complete ticketing assistant, not just a ticketing system. That means we’re the only ticketing assistant in the world that fully integrates on-site ticket sales with online sales, saving you from unnecessary work. Unlike other ticketing systems, we also offer a full all-in-one report of pre-sales, door sales and item purchases after every event. 

Do we need to be a large organisation to use TicketCo?

No, every company is welcome! TicketCo is designed to work for all types of events, regardless of size, type, or frequency. 

Do TicketCo tickets work on every phone?

Yes, they do. All tickets/vouchers from TicketCo can be opened via texts, emails, mobile browsers or Apple Wallet/Passbook.

Does the TicketCo organiser app work for ticket verification on all phones/mobile systems?

Yes. The TicketCo organiser app is available on both iOS and Android. This makes it easy to ensure a fast and safe entry. 

Is the TicketCo Admin App available for all versions of iOS or Android?

The TicketCo Admin app is available on iOS devices compatible with iOS 9 or above and Android devices compatible with Android 5 or above.

You should be able to find the app by searching for “TicketCo Admin” on your app store. 

Does your system support seating/arena maps?

Yes. TicketCo offers mobile-friendly seating maps that work on all devices. The seating maps also support different price ranges. They’re produced by us, according to your specifications.

How easy is it for us as an organiser to use your system?

Our slogan is “one click away” – and as such, TicketCo is specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

We like to say that if you can use word-processing software like Microsoft Word, you’re already on your way to mastering TicketCo. 

Is it easy for our audience to buy tickets through your system?

Yes – both online and in person. When purchasing tickets online, you don’t need to create accounts or keep track of usernames and passwords.

This helps you avoid losing repeat customers who are likely to abandon their shopping carts because they can’t remember their login details. 

Does your system support reservations?

Yes, we do.

Does your system support season tickets/memberships/festival passes?

Yes. We offer them digitally as well as physically. 

What online payment methods do you support?

We use Adyen for online/app payments and accept Visa and MasterCard. Adyen is PCI-certified, and all transactions are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Do you have any documentation for your API?

You can find our API Docs here. If you do not have an API key, you can request one from our customer success team.

How do I contact Customer Support?

You can contact our customer success team by submitting a contact form, calling (+44) 020 3868 6902 or emailing

Zettle by Paypal

How much does it cost to use Zettle by Paypal?

The cost of using the card reader is already included in our price plan, so you don’t need to make an additional payment to Paypal. 

We already have a Zettle by Paypal terminal. Can this be used with TicketCo?

No – if the terminal you have is connected to your own account at Zettle by PayPal, it cannot be used for sales with TicketCo.

Does it cost extra for door sales in your system?

No. Since all sales with TicketCo – both online and on-site – are integrated, you don’t need to pay extra. This makes it easy for both you and your audience to know how much your tickets and goods cost.


How do we pay for your services? Do you send us an invoice or is it settled by our ticket income?

Your bill has already been paid when you receive your funds from TicketCo. You can find the invoices on your admin pages.

Can I pay via invoice with your system?

Not right now. We currently only offer the opportunity to generate admin sales tickets, which you can bill using your own routines. In our reports, these tickets can be labelled with settlement-type invoicing for reporting purposes.

When do you get the settlement for the ticket sales?

We have two payment plans available: weekly payments in advance or payments after the event is finished.

Unless otherwise agreed with one of our representatives, you’ll receive the settlement after the event is over. You can contact our finance department to receive the weekly payments in advance.


Do you offer any marketing integrations?

Yes, we offer marketing integrations at no additional cost. If you sell tickets through Facebook or your personal website, we can integrate these for you with the use of API and iFrames. All sales can be tracked using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Our guides for deploying Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel can be found here.

How can we sell tickets on Facebook?

You have three options. 

  1. You can share the event page's unique URL link, which leads to the full event page on TicketCo in a new tab/window.
  2. You can easily apply an iFrame from TicketCo onto your Facebook page (known as “native implementation”). This neatly embeds your list of events into a new section, which you will be able to see on the left-hand sidebar. 
  3. You can create your own “shop” section on Facebook. Here, you can list season tickets or festival passes as well as merchandise, food and beverage packages, accommodation packages, and so on.


Is it you or us who put our tickets up for sale?

TicketCo was created with a focus on simplicity. With our self-service system, you can independently create and update events at any time, without having to go back and forth with us as the supplier.

Do ticket buyers have to print tickets by themselves?

No, the audience can choose if they want the tickets on their phone or if they want a printout of the ticket.

How do we scan tickets?

They can be easily scanned using our free organiser app. This solution eliminates the need for costly scanning equipment, enabling effective access control and goods delivery with just an Android or iOS device.

How do you handle door sales?

Door sales are handled through our free TicketCo organiser app which, together with a Zettle by PayPal terminal, serves as a “cash register”. This means the ticket buyer can use their card the same way they do at a regular ticket office.

If a buyer wishes to receive a voucher/ticket, they can provide their phone number or email address and receive it immediately. They can also be checked in there and then. 

Do ticket holders need an app to purchase/use their tickets?

No. The audience can quickly and easily buy their tickets and items from any web browser, on their phone, tablet or PC.

Can we add various discounts to events (e.g. early bird tickets)?

Yes. TicketCo has its own discount feature which allows you to set different “rules” that enable discounts in the form of pounds or percentages.

The three different rules that we support today are:

  1. Discounts governed by purchase date
  2. Discounts based on the number of tickets/items selected
  3. Discounts applied once a basket’s value reaches a specified total amount 
Do we need a special printer to sell tickets at the door?

No, every organiser can decide for themselves if they want to offer physical tickets. You can simply send a digital ticket/receipt via text or email instead.

Can I create exclusive tickets using your system (e.g. VIP, sponsor, or internal tickets)?

Yes. With TicketCo, you can offer hidden events, tickets and merchandise using our promo code feature.

Upselling items

I see that you offer gift cards. Can they be used at all events?

Gift cards on TicketCo are linked to specific organisers, and can easily be used for all of your tickets sold via our platform.

Can I sell non-ticket items?

Yes. With TicketCo, the organiser can sell non-ticket items. This includes food, beverages, effects, accommodation and transport. The items can be sold individually, or as retail sales associated with ticket sales.

Each item can also be labelled with the current VAT rate, which will be visible on your sales reports. 

How does the delivery of items purchased through TicketCo work (e.g. food and beverages)?

This can be easily managed through the TicketCo organiser app. The app helps staff who operate the kiosk, bar, or merchandise shop to have control over what’s ready to be handed out and what has already been collected.

One can verify the purchased goods in the same simple and secure manner as one would with our tickets: via QR code, reference number or name.

How does Cashless work?

Once you set up Cashless, you can sell non-ticket items such as drinks, food and merch at your event. The ticket buyer would need to download our app, press Cashless, add in their bank card (which only needs to be done once), and top up an amount of their choice.

After, they can search for your event, purchase the items they would like, and collect them from your Point of Sale. If they do not spend the amount they topped up, the money will be refunded back to their account the Wednesday after the event. 


Does TicketCo work with PayPal/mobile payments?

As of today, no. As soon as services such as PayPal and others are integrated with our international payment provider, you will be able to choose PayPal (and other similar services) as the desired payment form.

Can TicketCo be used for free events?

Yes! Both our software and pricing plans are designed so you can use TicketCo for free events. If you don’t charge for your event, we won’t either – and you’re free to use all of our core features without limitations.

Even if you’re currently using a different ticketing provider for paid events, we encourage you to try TicketCo and test our user-friendly software for free. 


What types of reports can I retrieve from your system?

With TicketCo, you have a complete overview of sales, cash flow, your customer data, and their use of tickets and goods. By signing in, you can see reports for every event you enter into the system.

You can choose whether you want to run reports of sales per day, sales by arrangement, product types or settlement types. They can be generated in both HTML and XLS formats.

What types of information can I post on my pages?

When creating events on TicketCo, you can use our editor to add text, pictures, video clips, links, and tables. You can also select fonts and font sizes.

But that’s not all. Our software also has a sponsor feature which allows you to add logos, descriptions and links to your event pages.

Is it possible to send messages to everyone that has bought tickets?

Yes. We have our own “contact ticket buyers” feature which enables you to send emails to everyone who has purchased tickets. You can give them details related to your events, such as parking, transportation tips, meeting time, and more. 

Do you offer wristbands/stamps for event attendees after their tickets have been scanned?

No, we currently don’t offer this.

Will I have access to my customer data?

No. If you use TicketCo, you have complete control over your customer data. 

Can we collect more information from our customers (other than their names, email addresses and/or phone numbers)?

Yes. We have a questionnaire feature which allows you to collect a variety of answers from your ticket buyers. This includes diet requirements, T-shirt sizes, how they heard about you, and where they were travelling from. 

You can also make certain questions mandatory and customise the format of your answers (e.g text box, drop-down list, or checkbox). 

What do we do if we have to cancel our event?

Please contact our support team. We’re more than happy to help you refund any tickets sold.

What do we do if a ticket buyer loses their ticket?

You can direct the ticket buyer to our events listings website and use our ticket tracking service called “Find your purchased tickets” in order to receive their ticket(s) again.

Can we send newsletters via TicketCo?

Not directly – however, our system does support Zapier integrations. This allows you to easily work with over a thousand third-party tools, including Mailchimp. 

I run events as an individual. Can I sell tickets?

As a company, we have the obligation to make sure that the clients we work with are registered business entities that pay tax. 

Therefore, we always ask our clients to verify their statuses, like by providing their company numbers. If you’re an individual selling tickets, you can easily register yourself as a sole trader with HMRC for tax purposes. Please visit this link for more information.