A digital season ticket

Oct 15, 2017

Never before has the audience and supporters had such a convenient journey through to purchase.

In a time where more things are automated and customised, season tickets have been left behind in the digital development because of a lack of good solutions. There are two critical questions that need to be asked:


  • Are your customers unable to select the season ticket seats they want when purchasing online?
  • Do you feel that the “green seats” that are already taken when the season starts exceeds all expectations, and the waiting supporters suddenly flock to the shops to secure season tickets?
With TicketCo it never needs to be like that again.

Essential for ticket sales

Season tickets may be the most important item for revenue in your ticket sales. Therefore it is important that supporters do not miss out just because the solutions you offer are not equipped for 2017.
Unfortunately, many organisers struggle with just these challenges. Combined with forgotten usernames and passwords, you are left with frustrated supporters and a loss of revenue for the organiser.
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The digital season ticket

Now TicketCo has revolutionised the seasonal card sales by fully digitising the card and presenting it as a QR code on the mobile phone. In addition to this, the solution is geared so your audience does not get a reason to leave the purchase process along the way.

This is how it works

The season ticket solution supports 24/7 sales in all channels and platforms, it is also integrated on the website, Facebook and your own campaign page if desired. You get a seamless integration between seating map for season tickets and for single sales both in the user interface of the organiser and the end-user. There is no need for a log in with a username and password. You can build a season ticket package that matches the changing needs of the audience, and that builds customer data for next season’s sales.

The freedom to choose

This gives your audience the freedom to trade seasonal cards whenever they want and on the platform they want. The system is tablet and mobile phone friendly. It is also easy for the consumer to choose their seats from the seating maps, as well as the different price categories.

Freedom to sell

Furthermore, it gives you as an organiser full freedom to sell season tickets way into the current season. It also offers you the freedom of creating packages that are attractive to the public as well as increases sales.


Additionally, it gives you the option to influence audiences purchasing behaviour by gradually changing the pattern from buying tickets for each match to buy a season ticket package.


Never before has the organiser had access to such flexibility, and never before have the audience had an easier journey through the buying process.