A ticketing system without any investment costs

Oct 30, 2017

“If we were to choose another ticketing system I would have had to ask the board for money to fund the upfront costs. The cost of using TicketCo was so low and I got a free card reader. I could make that decision myself”, states Alexander Halland.

His venue started using TicketCo in the start of 2017, having previously used their own ticketing systems with expensive card readers as well as box office systems. Now they have an integrated box office solution in the TicketCo app combined with a QR code ticket scanner and live reporting. The head of culture in the municipality, Alexander Halland, is delighted with the new tool.

Continuous overview of the ticket sales

“During February and March, we organised culture weeks with three or four big events each week. During this the TicketCo organiser app was proven very useful as it provided a continuous overview of the ticket sales”, says Halland.

Low start-up costs

It was the same event organiser who at the end of 2016 decided to start using a professional ticketing system. After researching the market he quickly decided to go with TicketCo. – In our decision-making, the price was an essential factor. The other ticketing systems that were considered, the upfront costs were so high we would have to ask the board to invest. However, with TicketCo the necessary investments costs were low and well within my reach, declares Halland.

Complete Sales Report

Now, the venue use TicketCo for all of their ticketing sales, including the cinema. Because of this, complete sales report can be delivered to the financial department within the company after each event.
– “As we previously only had cash transactions, we had to change the way we conducted and reported our financial reports. However, now that we have adapted TicketCo, we are very happy with the new system. So are the audience since they are able to pay with card when they show up in the door”, says Halland.

Written by TicketCo

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