Checklist For Festival Organisers

Planning and organising a festival, like any other event is highly intensive. Regardless of how long the planning period has been, how big the professional staff is or how big (or small) the actual festival is; for every festival the actual execution will be tense and packed with potential mischief for the event managers.

How can you as the festival planner avoid that your festival turns into a series of unwanted affairs?

In this guide, we have gathered some general advice based on experiences we have had and accidents we have witnessed at festivals and events in recent years. This is not a complete template, far from it, but TicketCo’s friendly tips on things you may consider in order to achieve a smoother festival experience both for yourself, your team, agency staff, partners, volunteers, and of course your attendees.

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3. Power to the people

It is not only you who need power. Your attendees will need power as well, either to charge their phones and other items, or for those who are staying at a camp.

The local power company will often be an ideal festival sponsor. Charging stations run and branded by this kind of sponsor are very popular with the attendees, and it’s a great way to achieve a natural connection between the attendees and the sponsors.

Branded power banks, either for free or for sale at the festival is another way of building a connection between a festival sponsor and the attendees through an appreciated item.

5. Clearing point

You will need a separate help desk or clearing point in connection to (but not too close to) your entry points. This station should be operated by a senior staff member with a mandate to issue new tickets.

The reason for this advice is that regardless of festival size, you will experience attendees showing up with ticket issues. To avoid constraints at the gates, you need to redirect these to a dedicated clearing point.

In general, what generates queues is not those with valid tickets, but those with issues. You need to get them out of the queue and serve them at the help desk. Then they will get better help, and everyone else will receive a better service.

The clearing point may be co-located with your accreditation office, but it should be operated permanently by a separate (and senior) member of staff.

In addition to the advised clearing point outside the festival area, you should consider a similar service inside the festival for those who experience issues during the festival that require the organiser’s assistance to deal with.

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Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.

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