Football club success with digital season tickets

Jan 18, 2018

The football club Stabak switched to TicketCo as their ticketing vendor for the 2018 season. They were primarily looking for digital solutions that would make it easier to sell and renew season tickets. The success was immediate already on day one for the club; not only in higher sales numbers but also in more satisfied ticket buyers.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, Stabak opened its season ticket sale for the 2018 season, and the rolled out the on-sale in three stages:

→ At 7 am – an email from TicketCo got sent to all the over 2,200 previous season ticket holders.

→ At 9 am – TicketCo followed up with an SMS push notification to the same 2,200.

→ At 6 pm – the club followed up with a newsletter to all subscribers.

A minister of parliament was among the first

The response from the fans was immediate and among the first ones who renewed their season ticket was the politician Jan Tore Sanner, the Minister of Modernisation.

Already at 07.27 he tweeted that the 2018 season ticket was secured – including a thumbs up for the club to become digital. That’s a nice pat on the shoulder from a minister in his line of work! 🙂

Ten percent ahead of last year

“We saw immediate results the day we went on-sale, thanks to the the marketing activities in the roll out. We also kept seeing year on year improvements from our new season ticket solution the days that followed,” says Kjetil Ekeli, event manager at Stabak.

He says that the club in mid-January was about ten percent ahead of last year in season ticket sales.

“People have renewed earlier than before, and this gives us both predictability and welcoming liquidity at a time of the year when revenue streams otherwise are scarce. It has given immense value for us. In addition, we find that the audience is very pleased, he concludes.

No need of usernames and passwords

Whilst in the previous years most season ticket sales have happened over the counter in the club and through stands, the sales this year have almost exclusively happened digitally.

“Previously, season ticket sales online were associated with some frustrations because people did not remember their login and passwords from a year before, which is understandable. With TicketCo there is luckily no need for usernames or passwords, so this year sales has progressed smoothly”, Ekeli says.

50 percent of the seats

The capacity of Nadderud stadium is 4,938, and approximately 4,400 seats are allocated to Stabak supporters.

With a season ticket sale of around 2,200 in recent years, there are thus 50% of the seats sold as season tickets. This clearly shows how important the season ticket sale is for the club.

“We have loyal and enthusiastic home supporters. Nevertheless, it is of course important how the club performs – both in football and in other ways. We experience that we have become a more streamlined club after switching to TicketCo, and have the impression that the audience feels the same, concludes event manager Kjetil Ekeli.

Written by TicketCo

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