How the TicketCo organiser app makes your life easier

Feb 22, 2018

Helping event organisers to keep things simple, efficient, fast and digital is what we do. With TicketCo’s event organiser app it is not just another app on your phone, but a very powerful tool that works alongside you throughout the whole event to make you succeed – it’s your analyser, your sales machine, staff manager, your admission tool and your project manager all-in-one.

The app is fast, lean and simply an eye-opener! We’ll take you through how it works and how your life as an event organisers can be easier and more productive.

1. Start by downloading the app to your mobile or tablet

The app comes in both iOS for iPhones & iPads and also Android’s. Select which one you prefer just by clicking on the button below:

2. Your analyser: Monitor your ticket sales

Once you’ve set up your event online and you go on-sale with your tickets, you can select ‘Reports’ to monitor your sales in real-time from your phone:

  • tickets sold, segmented by ticket types
  • your revenue
  • how many ticket you have left selling etc.

You can access it from anywhere and be in 100% control at all times.

3. Your sales machine: Sell tickets on the go and take fast card payments

Together with the integrated iZettle card reader, you and your staff can sell more tickets and take card payments when people arrive at your event. This allows you to also keep your online sales open until the very last minute. You can also sell tickets before the event even starts. The TicketCo app is linked to the iZettle, so all you need is your mobile or tablet, the small card reader that can fit in your back pocket and select ‘Sales’ in the app:

  • Set up a pop up stand anywhere – at a conference, a school or a shopping centre.
  • Turn your staff into walking box offices by letting them download the app to their phone and give each of them a card reader. Forget messy cash handling and easily monitor exactly how much each of your promoters have sold at any given time.
  • Make a competition amongst your sales force with an encouraging reward to the winner!

4. Your admission tool: Verify tickets at the door

Select ‘Validations’ and your and your staff’s devices turn into your very own admission tool. We have developed a super-fast scanning technology with easy-to-read QR codes that lets you scan tickets faster than with any device. With your app you can easily scan:

If you would ever lose internet connection to your device you can stay calm. We have enabled a mechanism that downloads your whole event database to the TicketCo app on your device every 10 seconds. You can therefore carry on as usual even if you go offline.

5. Your staff manager: Monitor their performance with your Admin account

With TicketCo you can give each of your staff different access levels, including:

  • Sales
  • Verification
  • Reporting
  • Or a mix of above
  • You can set up separate ‘Sales divisions’ for the bar, merchandise booth etc. and give staff access to their specific division only

By selecting ‘Reports’ in the web app you can easily get an overview of each staff and division’s performance; how many tickets and goods they’ve sold and how many tickets they verified.

6. Your project manager: Know everything and take the right actions at the right time

As all reporting is live, you will know your whole event in absolute real-time;

  • Arrival status, how many people has arrived at any given moment – know exactly when things need to kick off
  • If you’ve bundled drinks, food and merchandise with your tickets – see sales stats on what stands have been most popular and if you need to re-stock quickly
  • How many, and who, has not yet arrived to your event

To start using TicketCo for your events – simply contact us and we’ll get you ready!

Written by TicketCo

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