Introducing Nordic artists to UK via PPV streaming

by | Jan 20, 2021

London based record label Regent Street Records are pivoting into pay-per-view streaming and widening their artistic scope to include the Nordic region as they launch Regent Street TV.

“The pandemic has seen the live audience migrating from sticky floor venues to the comfort of their own homes. As a forward thinking and quick reacting record company we need to be where our audience is, and that is why we now are launching Regent Street TV,” said owner and managing director of Regent Street Records, Jon Frode Bosaen.

The exile-Norwegian has decided to go with TicketCo Media Services as his payments, verification and streaming partner for Regent Street Records.

“The pandemic has boosted the streaming industry, and we are seeing lots of different approaches to where and how to do live streaming. The key objectives for our choice has been the user friendliness, quality, safety and monetisation. TicketCo Media Services has achieved a market leading role within arts and culture, and we are eager to copy this success to the music industry,” he said.

Introducing Big Daddy Karsten

Regent Street Record was established in 2014 and has artists such as The Muffin Heads, Pet Needs and Zara Sykes on their roster. Jon Frode Bosaen bought the company in 2020, and he will now utilise his network within the music industry in the Nordic region to widen the artistic profile of the label. Their most recent signing of the Norwegian rapper Big Daddy Karsten is a very exciting and great start to this journey.

“We are seeing a vast amount of great talent in Scandinavia, and Nordic artists have proved that the UK audience is open for quality regardless of its origin and that is why we will now bring the Nordic artists to the UK in all its glory,” said Mr Bosaen.

The market is still intact

As to pivoting into pay-per-view streaming, the label director explains this with the downfall of live music.

“The pandemic has hit the music industry hard, but we are confident that the market is still intact. We just need to find new ways to interact with the artists and their audience, and with the venues closed streaming is an obvious solution. With Regent Street Records our aim is to curate and build a repository of great content, where the various artists in a positive context will piggyback on each other and help each other to succeed.”

“There will also be easy accessible up-selling features enabling the artist to sell merchandise,” said Mr Bosaen.

Regent Street Records and it’s sub brand Regent Street TV is offering artist friendly deals with distribution to all major platforms worldwide for Nordic and UK talents.

“We are a leading member of the British Phonographic Industry (who is the owner of the Brit Awards and Mercury Awards) and its members account for 85% of all music sold in the United Kingdom,” said the label director.


“We also offer the option for music publishing through our network of sub publishers towards the TV, film and radio industries in the UK. The partnership with TicketCo Media Services will give our artists access to a monetized, high tech platform exclusively for RSR artists powered by TicketCo and we are very excited to launch this new service at the beginning of 2021.”

PPV TV station powered by TicketCo Media Services

TicketCo Media Services is pleased to see Regent Street Records pivoting into pay-per-view streaming, and TicketCo’s Head of Global Partnerships David Kenny said:

“As a Scandinavian based tech company with a major part of our operations happening in the UK, we find Regent Street Records’ recent Nordic approach very exciting. The Scandinavian countries are known for high standards both within tech and music, and Scandinavian artists have had a great standing in the UK ever since the days of ABBA, a-ha and Robyn.

“Regent Street Records’ solution with their very own Regent Street TV powered by TicketCo Media Services is forward-looking, and something we have seen amongst some of our other clients and partners as well. Mainstream media are in for some serious competition in the future, and the future starts now.”

Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.



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